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Dec 12

The stars have aligned on the beer calendar, with many quality events happening today, December 12, 2012.

Stone 12.12.12 Vertical Epic Events

Stone Brewing Co.’s 11-beer series finally comes to an end, culminating with a grand event at the brewery and restaurant location in Escondido. Bars and beer-focused restaurants all around the county will also be holding events highlighting the Vertical Epic Ales in the days leading up to, and a few right after, the eye-catching date. The Regal Beagle, Blind Lady Ale House, Small Bar, The Local, O’Brien’s Pub, Ciro’s Pizzeria, Toronado  San Diego, Neighborhood, Live Wire, Newport Pizza & Ale House, Burlap, Downtown Johnny Brown’s, Hoffer’s Cigar Bar, The South Park Abbey, The Lumberyard Tavern & Grill, KnB Wine Cellars, Tap Room, Sublime Ale House, Hamilton’s Tavern and URGE Gastropub will all host events with beers from the series; view more details for each spot here.

Westvleteren XII release

Some say it’s the best beer in the world —  made harder to come by because of a production rate of just 160,000 cases per year — but a few local bottle shops (KRISP, Holiday Wine Cellar, Bine & Vine and Bottlecraft) will be selling it starting today.

The Lost Abbey pairing dinner @ The Lodge at Torrey Pines 

Executive Chef Daniel Boling is pairing some great Belgian-style beers with a menu that looks tantalizing. Rare beers Cuvee de Tomme and Mayan Judgment Day will play a role; seats are $75 per person including valet parking. Reservations available by calling 858-777-6645.

AleSmith pairing dinner @ Local Habit

12 beers paired with 12 plates from Chef Nick Brune make this one belt-busting dinner. The event begins promptly at 6:30 p.m. with courses served every 15 minutes. Reservations are $85 per persion and include sales tax, ticket service fee and a commemorative glass, but is exclusive of gratuity.

Drink the Point 

Visit 7 bars in Point Loma and Ocean Beach (Sessions Public, Slater’s 50/50, The Pearl Hotel, Harbor Town Pub, Raglan Public House, Newport Pizza & Ale House and Pizza Port Ocean Beach) via Brewery Tours of San Diego busses, for free!

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Recap: SDBW Beer Garden

Nov 13

Residents of San Diego are no stranger to a beautiful day. It’s easy for us to forget that at this moment people around the U.S. are layering and buttoning up for the frigid days ahead, while we brace ourselves for the onslaught of slightly brisker air than we’d care for. However, there’s something about wandering into the embrace of the Beer Garden, San Diego Beer Week’s (SDBW) swan song at The Lodge at Torrey Pines, that makes a bright November afternoon all the more exquisite.

After a 10 day frenzy of tap takeovers and Keep the Glass affairs, this event not only serves as SDBW’s closing ceremonies, but a counterpoint to the prior week’s debauchery. It’s a chance to truly luxuriate in the local brew scene with artfully crafted pairings of food and beer. It’s basically like a day spa for beer snobs, but with a lot less Enya and sandalwood candles.

The “garden” is actually semicircle of serving stations that are held on the 0.2% of sod that Torrey Pines has not allocated to golfing purposes. It allows the event to serve up haute cuisine and breathtaking panoramic ocean views in equal measure. It’s the kind of combination that makes you quietly pity everyone that isn’t presently you.

This year’s event inspired 11 chefs from restaurants as varied as Burlap and the Carnitas Snack Shack to perform their culinary magic. Each two or three bite course was paired with two different beers, demonstrating a clear understanding of the minimum food to beer ratio to excite a SDBW crowd.

It’s safe to say the Beer Garden is slightly more posh than most SDBW events. You needn’t don your monocle to attend, but it wouldn’t hurt. However, there’s a dark underbelly to the affair that must be exposed. While fine quaffs and delicate edibles certainly foster an air of sophistication and civility, the fact remains that finding a level surface upon which to enjoy them could be a cutthroat affair. Table real estate is a shockingly precious commodity, one guarded with all the ferocity of post-apocalyptic motorcycle gangs hoarding fuel. I understand that square footage is a little scant without forcing patrons to weave through a hail of golf balls, but when table inhabitants resort to sending out hunting parties while the remainder secure camp, something needs to be reconsidered.

Luckily it takes more than a little tribal warfare to bring me down; one glance at the menu immediately brightened my mood.

A venison medallion served on a chanterelle ragout with beer dumplings and a cumberland sauce by Chef Gunther Emathinger from Karl Strauss is stunning enough on its own to conjure salivation, but shoulder to shoulder with a Ballast Point Navigator Dopplebock elevates the whole affair to the transcendent. The subtle dark fruit notes in the malty dopplebock beautifully cut the succulence of the sauce while accentuating the venison’s earthier notes.

Most of the other pairings were similarly thoughtful and masterfully executed. Virtually the only criticism I ever heard was that a current course didn’t match the potency of a previous one, which is not to say they weren’t just as greedily consumed. Other standouts included a molasses-chile glazed pork belly from Chef Hanis Cavin from Carnitas Snack Shack with Rock Bottom La Jolla‘s Moonlight Porter as well as a hazelnut, salted caramel & milk chocolate mousse by Tony Martin from Stone World Bistro paired with Coronado‘s Blue Bridge Coffee Stout.

If the revelry at my table was any indicator, the event was a rousing success. One tribemate, Ruby Lynn Carr (a Beer Garden Veteran and fellow high society drunkard), summarized my final impression by commenting “I am thrilled to be enjoying some of the best local craft beers while overlooking the ocean on a gorgeous November day.”

So long, SDBW 2012, and thanks for all the venison medallions served on a chanterelle ragout. Oh, and the beer too.

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Publisher’s Picks: SDBW 2012

Nov 1

Happy San Diego Beer Week eve! As of this posting, there’s 363 events on I’ve picked just one event for each day – which was pretty difficult. Please note that this list is VERY SUBJECTIVE and you should choose your own adventure for SDBW 2012. However, if you were curious as what/where I’d be drinking – here you go.

Friday, November 2
Grand Unveiling of Amplified Ale Works @ California Kebab PB
Cali-Kebab’s menu is solid with fresh Mediterranean-esque food, a fine tap list and a beer garden that overlooks the ocean. After some hiccups, the in-house brewery Amplified Ale Works officially launches this day with two house drafts and a cask. Mayor Sanders will tap the cask at 6PM.
Link to this event

Saturday, November 3
San Diego Brewers Guild Festival @ The Port Pavilion, Broadway Pier
Much effort has been spent in rectifying the problems from this festival in 2011. A new and larger venue has been secured and emphasis on crowd control was made a priority after last year’s beer lines stretched far. In addition, the San Diego Brewers Guild hired paid staff to organize this year’s festival (previously, this was a volunteer-organized event). All the pieces are in place and I’m betting this is going to be the best Guild Fest yet.
Link to this event

Sunday, November 4
Firestone Walker 16th Anniversary Release Party @ Stone Brewing Co.
Into the Brew columnist and Firestone Walker brewer Sam Tierney will be at Stone’s bistro outside bar serving ~12 Firestone specialties. If you have ever dreamed of getting into professional brewing, you should talk to Sam.
Link to this event

Monday, November 5
The Five Chef Societe @ The Handlery Hotel
I’m a big fan of every event the team at Handlery puts out. For this event, five local chefs pair five Societe Brewing Co. beers with five courses. Much thought has been put into this beer pairing dinner; while the ticket price is high at $80, this won’t be a light meal in portion nor flavor.
Link to this event

Tuesday, November 6
Lost Abbey Beer Pairing Dinner w/ Tomme Arthur @ Chuchill’s Pub
I’ve got high hopes for this one because Churchill’s and Lost Abbey are bringing their A-game. Five course meal with two food and beer pairings per course.
Link to this event

Wednesday, November 7
4th Fling Frisbee Golf Tournament
3rd Fling was my favorite event of SDBW 2011. Breakfast at Morley Field’s disk golf course and followed by a shotgun tournament. Afterwards, you visit Hamilton’s where there’s nonstop food and beer. I’m not going to say any more because it’s sold out, but if you are reading this and want to go – mark your calendar for next year.
Link to this event

Honorable mention (because the above event is sold out): Big Wednesday @ Toronado

Thursday, November 8
Dogfish Head Tap Takeover @ Neighborhood
There’s going to be a few DFH beers that I really enjoy on draft, such as Midas Touch and 120 Minute. In addition, it’s been a while since I’ve been to Neighborhood. I’m looking for this day to be a “relaxed” beer day.
Link to this event

Friday, November 9
Phil’s BBQ & Beer Fest w/ Monkey Paw, Manzanita & Societe
We teamed up with Phil’s BBQ for this one. For $25, there’s 6 five ounce beer samples and 6 BBQ tasters. This is being held in Phil’s Event Center (across the parking lot of their Point Loma location). We designed this event to promote San Diego beer to newbies, and with Phil’s seating ~3,000 daily we figured we might win a few converts. Keep the taster glass and win some raffle prizes while enjoying beer from some of SD’s best new breweries.
Link to this event

Saturday, November 10
Best Damn Sour Fest 2 @ The Beer Co.
If you love sour beer, look no further. Best Damn Beer Shop and Bine and Vine Bottleshop have raided their respective reserves and assembled a mighty list of beers to be poured. Cost is $55 for ten 3-4oz pours (tickets here).
Link to this event 

Sunday, November 11
The Beer Garden @ The Lodge at Torrey Pines
The official closing event of SDBW. Unlimited beer and food from San Diego’s finest chefs and brewers paired together overlooking Torrey Pines Golf Course. If you are on the fence, take a look at the lineup, below.
Link to this event

San Diego Beer Week is also very special for us at West Coaster. Our very first issue was published for SDBW 2010. I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to all of our readers, supporters and friends for helping us get here. If you haven’t already, check out our November 2012 issue.

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Event Preview: Beer & Food Fest @ Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens — Sunday 5/6

Apr 30

The Craft Brewers Conference is in town this week, and even though it’s not open to the public, there are plenty of events going on as industry professionals from near and far celebrate the world’s best beverage in San Diego. The conference culminates with the announcement of the World Beer Cup winners on Saturday night, and the following day the number of local events drops to just one — but it’s a sure-fire winner.

Part of the garden area at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens

The Artisan Food & Craft Beer Festival from 12-3pm at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens promises to be one of the best food & beer events of the year, for a variety of reasons. First, you’ll get to try the creations of ten local chefs who’ve each been expertly paired with beers from two different breweries by “Dr.” Bill Sysak, Stone Beverage Coordinator and Certified Cicerone. Also, the event is a fundraiser for Chefs Celebration and twelve local students planning to attend courses at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley; it is fitting then that two previous scholarship recipients are current Stone employees. And the venue itself, the scenic garden area of Stone’s property in Escondido, is ideal.

Sea Rocket Bistro Chef Tommy Fraioli (background) with Chef Chad White (now of Gabardine) during a SDBW2011 event

Here’s the list of chefs and breweries set to feature on Sunday: Sea Rocket Bistro’s Tommy Fraioli is making a peach bread pudding with lemon chantilly cream and blueberry sauce, paired with Beachwood Brewing 3rd Dimension Tripel & Iron Fist Golden Age. Leah Delyte Di Bernardo of E.A.T. Marketplace is making a quesadilla with wild mushroom, caramelized sweet Temecula onion, smoked gruyere cheese and crème fraîche alongside shredded heirloom beets and micro cilantro salad, hand-scored tortilla chips, hot zucchini relish and pickled smokin’ jalapeños. These are paired with Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale & Green Flash Barleywine Style Ale. Greg Frey Jr. of BlueFire Grill will make a Mesquite-Smoked Shelton Farms Chicken with ruby crescent potato salad, lovage, and spicy Persian lime, paired with The Lost Abbey Avant Garde Ale and Black Market Rye IPA. Dawn Parks of The Wild Thyme Company will contribute a dulce de leche Tiramisu with banana mascarpone and caramel corn, paired with AleSmith Wee Heavy and North Coast Brother TheloniusBelgian Style Abbey Ale. Ricardo Heredia of Alchemy is making braised Paso Prime beef tongue, achiote, house made tortillas, red onion and micro cilantro, paired with Port Brewing Wipeout IPA and Green Flash Hop Head Red Ale. Kyle Bergman of The Lodge at Torrey Pines will prepare head cheese with pickled spring vegetables, paired with Ballast Point Wahoo Wheat Ale and Firestone Walker Double Barrel Ale. Scot Blair of Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery is making an open-faced steak and garlic Baguette with pesto and Manchego cheese, a skewer of mozzarella, olives, and marinated peppers and a balsamic and basil drizzle, paired with Stone Smoked Porter and Lightning Fulminator Lager. Alex Carballo of Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens is making Espresso and Cocoa-Dusted Venison Carpaccio with herb salad and shaved Manchego cheese, paired with Ballast Point Abandon Ship Smoked Lager and Monkey Paw Mighty Joe Young. Lance Repp of La Valencia Hotel will serve Moroccan Spiced Lamb Sliders with citrus olive tapenade and pickled slaw, paired with AleSmith Nautical Nut Brown Ale and Iron Fist Dubbel Fisted. Daniel Barron of Evolve Cuisine Forward is making Stone IPA deconstructed s’mores, paired with The Lost Abbey 10 Commandments and Stone Imperial Russian Stout. Also, The Aniata Cheese Company and Debra Katz and Naomi Couse of Sadie Rose Baking Co. will be on hand providing treats.

Tickets are $65, and are available here.

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SDBW 2011: Our Picks

Nov 2

It was hard, but we’ve picked 3 events for each day of San Diego Beer Week 2011 that are worthy of your attention. Remember, the police know about Beer Week too, so don’t drive drunk!

Friday, November 4
BYOB @ Karl Strauss Downtown (9 a.m.)
Kick-off SDBW 2011 where it all started with a VIP tour, tasting and unique beer pairing from CEO & Co-Founder Chris Cramer and Paul Segura, Karl Strauss brewmaster. Tickets are $50 and also includes a live brewing session with Karl Strauss brewer Nolan Clark; you get to vote for which of five brewers’ beers will be made, then come back on the 13th to try it.
A Night Under the Stars @ The Handlery (6 p.m.)
Six local breweries and six local chefs will pair their creations in the hotel’s Terrace Garden. PubCakes will be topping off the night with delicious baked goods prepared with the brewers’ fine beverages. Hotel room discounts are also available. More info here.
SD’s Top Brewers Launch Party w/ Tap Hunter @ Mission Brewery (6:30 p.m.)
“The official book of San Diego craft beer” is finally here. The first 300 to RSVP get a $2.50 pint on Tap Hunter, and tons of brewers will be on hand to sign your copy of the book. They include: Colby Chandler (Ballast Point), Yuseff Cherney (Ballast Point), Peter Zien (AleSmith), Paul Segura (Karl Strauss), Tomme Arthur (Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey), Greg Koch (Stone Brewing Co.), Steve Wagner (Stone Brewing Co.), Mitch Steele (Stone Brewing Co.), Shawn DeWitt (Coronado Brewing Co.), Mike Hess (Hess Brewing), Simon Lacey (New English Brewing), Brandon Sieminski (Iron Fist), and more! Chef Jeff Rossman of Terra American Bistro will serve your choice of Dark Seas Stout BBQ Chicken Sliders or Jerk Pork Ribs, served w/ Mission Hefeweizen citrus slaw & roasted potato wedges for $10.

Saturday, November 5
San Diego Brewers Guild Festival @ Liberty Station (11 a.m. VIP, 1 p.m. general admission)
The official kick off event for SDBW- a can’t miss!!! Tickets are $35 for general admission or $55 for VIP. VIP beers include: Alpine Barrel-aged Token, Aztec Chocolate Porter and Noche de los Muertos, Karl Strauss Two Tortugas Belgian Quad and SDBW Double IPA cask, Lightning Electrostatic Ale and Old Tempest Ale, Manzanita Witch’s Hair cask, On The Tracks Baltic Pepper Porter, Pizza Port Able Stout and Jeffrey Harvey Knoblock Brown Ale, Rock Bottom La Jolla Moonlight Porter, San Diego Brewing Company/ Callahan’s Monster Mash and Hopnotic DIPA, and Stone Cherry Chocolate Stout. VIP ticket holders also get access to complimentary food from San Diego’s finest pubs.
Coronado Seafood Boil @ Sessions Public (6 p.m.)
$35 gets you a seafood boil and a flight of four of Coronado’s best beers, including Frog’s Breath IPA, Blue Ridge Coffee Stout with Vanilla on Cask, Brandy Barrel Aged Barley Wine, Hoppy Daze Belgian IPA and Stoopid Stout. You also get to keep the pint!
Assembly Beer Dinner @ Sea Rocket Bistro (8 p.m.)
LoveLikeBeer and San Diego Beer Blog present a pairing of Jolly Pumpkin ales with Chef Chad White’s creations. Special posters by Josh Higgins will be available that use Jolly Pumpkin Baudelaire IO Saison in the ink; here’s the video documenting the process of making these limited, hand signed/numbered screen-printed show prints. More info on the event here.

Sunday, November 6
Iron Fist Beer Release (12 p.m.)
The Resistance, a wild ale aged for ten months in chardonnay and sauvignon blanc barrels, will be released starting at noon and the party goes til 6 p.m. Each bottle is $22.95 with a limit of 2 per customer. 
South to North County & North to South County Craft Beer Crawl (1 p.m.)
2 different tours are available: 1. Pickup at Downtown Johnny Brown’s en route to Churchill’s Pub & Grille, Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens and Pizza Port Carlsbad (w/ a 5-gallon keg of Stone beer on the bus); 2. From Churchill’s Pub & Grille to Downtown Johnny Brown’s, Toronado and Monkey Paw (w/ a 5-gallon of Green Flash beer on the bus). Each spot will be offering some rare beers for the crawlers. Get tickets here.
An Evening w/ Colby Chandler @ O’Brien’s Pub (6:30 p.m.)
Ballast Point’s specialty brewer Colby Chandler will lead us through an evening of his favorite San Diego beers paired with amazing food by pub manager Tyson Blake. The cost is $50 and you can sign up at O’Brien’s (cash only please). A few of the beers on the list: Barrel Aged Navigator, Alpine Pure Hoppiness, Ballast Point Dorado Double IPA and the Smoking Indian.

Monday, November 7
SD’s Top Brewers Dinner w/ Manzanita Brewing @ Terra American Bistro (6 p.m.)
Join the creators of San Diego’s Top Brewer’s book for a beer and food pairing dinner (take a look at the menu here). Meet the brewers and get your copy of the book signed by Chef Jeff Rossman.
Beer and Cheese Pairing w/ AleSmith @ Farm House Café (6 p.m.)
The most recent subject of Brandon’s Plates & Pints column, Farm House Café is hosting AleSmith’s and Taste Artisan Cheese & Gourmet Shop for a four-course beer and cheese dinner. Tickets are $45 per person excluding tax and gratuity.
Beer U @ Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens: Intro to San Diego Craft Beer (7 p.m.)
Join Stone’s beloved blabbermouth, Ken Wright, for the story behind San Diego’s success. Learn about what makes our region so special as you sample the best and the brightest from San Diego’s newer breweries. The list so far includes: Black Market Rye IPA, Iron Fist Martial Law – Special 1st Anniversary Brew (just released!), Manzanita Gillespie Brown, Mission Blonde, Mother Earth California Creamin’, and something special from Hess and Pizza Port Ocean Beach. Tickets available here.

Tuesday, November 8
Sierra Nevada taps @ Tiger!Tiger! (5 p.m.)
Come have an Honest Pint Sierra Nevada beer in a custom Sierra Nonic glass, complete with a Hop-Leaf etched into the bottom of the glass! Here are the beers you can expect: Pitch A Tent ½ barrel – 9%, 20th Street ½ barrel – 3 Single-hops versions – all 6%: Chinook, Cascade, Citra; Bourbon Barrel Trippel 5 gallon – 9.2% (working on a sell sheet); Fritz & Ken 5 gallon – 9.2%; Yippie Rye Aye ½ barrel – 6%; Celebration ½ barrel – 6.8%
Hess Brewmasters Dinner @ Local Habit (6 p.m.)
Join Local Habit for this unique food and beer experience as Chef Nick Brune and Hess Brewing Founder and Head Brewer Michael Hess collaborate to bring you five delicious courses of farm-fresh food paired with five craft beers from San Diego’s original nano-brewery. Tickets ($50) and pairing info available here.
Mother Earth Brew Co. pairing night @ Ritual Tavern (7 p.m.)
MEBC brewer Kamron Khannakhjavani will be on hand to discuss the tasty Mother Earth Brew Co. beers, along with some great Ritual Tavern grub!

Wednesday, November 9
3rd Fling w/ Green Flash and Hamilton’s (8 a.m.)
Like frisbee golf? Like beer? This event combines the two and is an industry favorite (which says a lot!). Meet and greet plus a complimentary taco bar precedes a 9:30 tee off at Morley Field. After completing the course, the after party begins at Hamilton’s. Tickets are $45 and can be be purchased here.
Beer and Cured Meats w/ Dr. Bill @ Bottlecraft (6 p.m.)
Dr. Bill Sysak, one of the most knowledgeable craft beer experts in the industry, will be pairing five cured meats with five beers and discussing the nuances of meat-beer combos. The cost is $25 and you must pre-register/pre-pay via or (619) 487-9493.
Flavor of White Labs @ Sea Rocket Bistro (6 p.m.)
Come find out everything you ever wanted to know about yeast directly from the source- White Labs Yeast & Fermentation- the local company that provides yeast to all of our local craft breweries. Head of Operations, Neva Parker, will be bringing 4 beers pitched with 4 different yeasts for a side-by-side comparison. Boob Check, a White Labs beer made in collaboration with Ballast Point for a  breast cancer benefit, will also be available. $20 at the door also includes a variety of signature Sea Rocket hors d’oeuvres throughout the presentation.

Thursday, November 10
Ballast Point 4 ways @ URGE American Gastropub (5 p.m.)

In addition to kegs of Indra Kunindra India-Style Export Stout and Extant Oatmeal Stout on Nitro, URGE will have Sculpin IPA four ways (Sculpin cask, Sculpin on nitro, Sculpin with habanero peppers and the original Sculpin), as well as Victory at Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter four ways (Victory at Sea cask, Victory at Sea on nitro, Victory at Sea 2010 and this year’s Victory at Sea).
Ballast Point tap takeover w/ Tap Hunter @ Bub’s @ The Ballpark (6 p.m.)
16 specialty kegs, including 2010 Victory at Sea, Brother Levonian Saison and more will be on tap and a cask of Sculpin IPA gets tapped at 7 p.m. Ballast Point pints are $4 and cocktails are $7.
Meet Paul Segura, Karl Strauss brewmaster, @ La Bella Pizza (6 p.m.)
Come down and share of few pints of Karl Strauss with the man who brews them. A fun night to mingle, ask questions, and of course, enjoy some great local beer. Reef Break Red, Amber Lager, Heavy Petti, Off the Rails, and Russian Imperial Stout are going for $4 pints and $9.75 pitchers.

Friday, November 11
Roll out the Barrels @ O’Brien’s Pub (5 p.m.)

11/11/11 will feature a special night of barrel aged beers from some of San Diego’s most renowned breweries including Green Flash, Ballast Point, Lost Abbey, Pizza Port and Coronado as well as great barrel aged beers from around the country.
Beer and Grilled Cheese w/ Karl Strauss @ KnB Wine Cellars (6 p.m.)
From 6 ’til 10, KnB in Del Cerro will have four Karl Strauss beers paired up with “four different bomb grilled cheese.”
New Belgium Beer Dinner @ Randy Jones All American Sports Grill (7 p.m.)
This unique event will feature a five-course New Belgium beer pairing dinner with San Diego Padres legend Randy Jones presiding, and each course is a different dish from a different ballpark! The cost is $35 dollars, and Happy Hour reception starts at 6 p.m.

Saturday, November 12
Green Flash 9th Anniversary (12 p.m.)
This festival will feature award-winning Green Flash beers, a caravan of gourmet food trucks, games and activities, as well as several other vendors showcasing their products and services. All proceeds from the event will benefit the San Diego office of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The ticket price of $40 includes 10 – 4 oz. beer tastes, a souvenir glass, and commemorative t-shirt. Buy your tix here.
Night of a Million Zillion Speedways @ O’Brien’s Pub (5 p.m.)
One of the most popular events every SDBW (meaning it’ll be very, very packed) includes flights of different variations of AleSmith’s Speedway Stout. “Rumor has it that there will be Kopi Luwak on cask.”
Beer & Bacon Brewers Dinner @ Rock Bottom La Jolla (6:30 p.m.)
We love bacon, and beer.  This four-course dinner- preceded by a beer of your choice- features both. The cost is $38 and more information is here.

Sunday, November 13
Beer for Breakfast w/ Coronado @ Small Bar (10 a.m.)
Get the last day of Beer Week started off right with some filling food and great beer. Brunch Special: eggs, fried pork chop with hop sausage gravy and biscuits and baked apples. Coronado beers on tap include, but aren’t limited to: ’09 Bourbon Barrel Smoked Brown, Idiot IIPA, Orange Ave, CBC Red Devil, Frog’s Breath IPA, and Blue Bridge Coffee Stout.
Pour it Black @ Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens (10 a.m.)
Leave it to Stone to host a big beer festival on the last day of Beer Week. “Dr.” Bill Sysak has rounded up over a hundred of the planet’s best dark beers- imperial stouts, porters, maybe even a few black IPAs- for a day of celebrating the world of flavors found in the blackest of brews. A $45 Pour it Black ticket includes a commemorative glass and fifteen 3oz tasters. The entire list and how to buy tix is here.
Beer Garden @ The Lodge at Torrey Pines (12 p.m.)
This is the official closing event of San Diego Beer Week- another can’t miss! This event brings together the best of San Diego craft beer with food from amazing local chefs. Each brewery will be paired with a local chef to create a truly unique and delicious pairing event on the gorgeous grounds of The Lodge. Admission includes unlimited tasters of beer and food. Buy your tix here.

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