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Rough Draft Brewing opens venue on UCSD campus

Oct 9

Rough Draft Brewing owner Jeff Silver (left) celebrates the sale of the first beer at his satellite pub at UCSD’s Mesa Nueva housing complex

Jeff Silver has many fond memories of his time attending the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Though he’s 23 years removed from graduation day, he’s maintained ties with his alma mater via its alumni organization and work with the Graduate Student Association. His involvement with the latter formed the connection for a project involving his Mira Mesa-based business that came to fruition last month when the Rough Draft Brewing Company Pub debuted at UCSD’s new Mesa Nueva student-housing complex.

Silver remembers the intense hours of study he put in as a college student and how vital having a place to socialize and blow off steam was. His favorite haunt at the time was the Round Table Pizza at the centrally located Price Center. Mesa Nueva residents won’t even need to venture that far. Rough Draft’s bar is equipped with 12 taps and a small bar with indoor seating. A roll-up door gives way to an outdoor patio that includes a pool with two Jacuzzis. The latter are available for use by residents and beer may be consumed within them, however no glassware is allowed in the area.

Silver utilized one of Rough Draft’s duplicate Type 23 licenses, which required the blessing of regulatory agencies such as the local office of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). As one might expect, there were those who were skeptical about installing a venue serving alcoholic beverages on campus, but in the end UCSD elected to trust in the responsibility of its student body. But Rough Draft’s is not the only project of its kind happening on campus. Consortium Holdings is also in the process of renovating the former site of Porter’s Pub into an additional iteration of its popular bar-and-restaurant concept, Soda and Swine.

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Beer Touring: Burgeon Beer Company

Dec 21

Last week, I made mention of the fact that the more recent entrants into San Diego’s brewery-scene are taking steps to really put their best feet forward when introducing themselves to the imbibing public. Count the recently soft-opened Burgeon Beer Company (6350 Yarrow Drive, Carlsbad) among that faction. Headed by a trio of longtime beer-buds—one of which is brewmaster Anthony Tallman, formerly of Stone Brewing, Rough Draft Brewing Company and, most recently, Vista’s Back Street Brewery—it took more than three years to cobble together from conception-to-reality, and it’s clear, even in its first month of operation, that none of that time was wasted.

Located on an industrial side-street just south of McClellan-Palomar Airport, Burgeon would easily blend into its industrial-park environs…were it not for large, easy-to-spot, professional signage towering above the entry. It sounds simple, but it really makes a difference. Time otherwise wasted driving around, making U-turns and cursing one’s map-app is instead spent enjoying beer. Not sampling beer, but enjoying it, because Tallman and company are making some quality product.

Three of the toughest-to-dial-in styles of Burgeon’s seven introductory beers are its best. Thuja IPA, a 6.5% single India pale ale packed with Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo and Centennial hops, has just the right consistency to convey all those hops’ flavors and aromas while remaining easy-to-drink. The cleverly named Mixed Greens Double IPA—the first in a series of rotating imperial IPAs that will see different combinations of hops added at six different stages during the brewing and fermentation process—is aptly “green”, low on the sweetness that can sometimes overtake double IPAs, and leaves a delightful, lingering accent of tangerine in its wake. Conversely, Lot 19 Pale Ale (named after the spot where a motherlode of cedar was sourced for construction of the furniture in Burgeon’s tasting room) brings a nice caramely malt-base in without imparting any sweetness, thus balancing this 5.5% ABV beer’s citrus-like hop-borne essence.

The next-best beer at Burgeon is probably, of all things, its cream ale. Tallman’s take on an American adjunct-lager (you may know it as lawnmower beer or that watery beverage four-fifths of the country thinks of exclusively as “beer”) is smooth, easy-drinking and a little higher in alcohol than Coors and Budweiser’s OG versions. And what’s that other thing in there? Oh yes…flavor. It won’t punch you in the face, but it’s a heck of a transition beer for folks who are tired of waiting until the mountains turn blue enough to hide the flavor deficiencies in their current beer of choice.

Of course, everything’s not perfect. A rye amber ale and nut brown show promise, but could use a little more heft on the palate, while Moo Moo Farm Milk Stout (right up there with Mixed Greens in the killer-moniker department) is a bit overdone with a certain smokiness that comes across as off-putting.

As with its exterior, Burgeon wins bonus points for its interior design. The tasting room is rather spacious, but nice, thoughtful, unique touches keep it from feeling the least bit empty. There is plenty of seating augmented by vertical cedar shelving stacked with bright green plant-life, a tree sprouting from the ground at the end of the bar, and a fountain feature converted from Burgeon’s founders’ original home-brew sculpture.  On top of that, the cold-box is also paneled to mimic the look of a shipping container with Burgeon’s wordmark emblazoned on one side and tree-stump signs on the other telling the tale of the tap-list.

Burgeon has more polish than a number of breweries that have been operational for years, and that’s saying something. Everybody is upping their game to compete in this rather crowded market, making it all the more impressive that the individuals behind this interest saw fit to up theirs long before opening their doors, an act that will be made official during grand-opening festivities from noon to 3 p.m. and 4 to 7 p.m., Saturday, January 21.

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Best Beer Futures: North

Oct 13
Brian Scott, head brewer of Harrah's Southern California Resort's upcoming SR76 Beer Works

Brian Scott, head brewer of Harrah’s Southern California Resort’s upcoming SR76 Beer Works

Every six months, I like to take a step back and assess the work-in-progress breweries and brewer-owned venues throughout San Diego County, and expound on those I believe show the most promise. This is not to say those not listed below don’t have solid potential—but based on what I know about these businesses, I think they have the best shot. This time around, I’m splitting my selections into two geographic regions, north and south, and starting with the former. Check back next week for another group of breweries-to-be.

SR76 Beer Works, Valley Center: Constructed within Harrah’s Southern California Resort, this will be the first tribe-owned brewery and the first beer-manufacturing facility within a hotel. With a rare brewery-construction project where funds are plentiful, getting a solid brewer to helm the project represented the biggest challenge and it would seem they chose wisely, going with Brian Scott, a veteran of reigning Mid-Size US Brewery of the Year Karl Strauss Brewing Company and Mission Brewery. His beers will be served in spacious, lush tasting-room that will add a much appreciated new element to casino-going craft fans.

Indian Joe Brewing, Vista: The county’s first Native American-owned brewery stands to do well when it opens later this year. After all, it gained a hardy following from 2013-2015, and that was using a tiny brewing system in a tucked-away industrial suite in south Vista. Now the company has a brand-new 15-barrel system, a robust cellar and a stock of oak-barrels inside its new 18,000-square-foot facility, which is fully visible off State Route 78. Add in a two-story tasting room with an outdoor patio and fans who’ve been waiting for Indian Joe’s return figure to be pretty happy with Version 2.0.

Burgeon Beer Company, Carlsbad: In most cases, when judging how promising a future brewery will be, it comes down to experience. That’s what my assessment of this upcoming North County brewery is all about, and the experience lies in brewer Anthony Tallman, the current head of fermentation at Vista’s Backstreet Brewery, who came there after meaningful stints at Stone Brewing and Rough Draft Brewing Company. Being in charge of a brewpub, he stands a good chance of juggling the multiple styles he aims to produce.

Julian Brewing Company, Julian: Julian has a brewery, one which was built when the former co-owner of Julian Brewing ventured out on his own. This OG local beer spot was later closed by its current parent-company, Pizza Port, and is in the process of being rebranded. Knowing what its former shortcomings were, plus business experience and a stable of quality brewers to ensure good beer pours forth from its second-coming provide a basis for hope in the reimagined brewpub this venue becomes.

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Meet Burgeon Beer Company

Jul 18

Burgeon Logo_Final_cmykThe large number of local brewing companies opened by homebrewers over the past decade-plus has provided something for hobbyists getting into recreational fermentation to aspire to. When Anthony Tallman and Derek Van Leeuwen took up homebrewing eight years ago, they did so with the intention to someday open their very own commercial brewery. But it wasn’t until sharing a beer with friend Matthew Zirpolo at Culture Brewing Company three years back that the business-plan took shape. The trio has taken different paths to where they now stand—on the precipice of making their dream a reality—and all those roads led them to coastal North County, the future home of Burgeon Beer Company (6350 Yarrow Drive, Suite C, Carlsbad).

Located in an industrial park just west of Pizza Port’s Bressi Ranch brewpub and production facility, Burgeon is tentatively scheduled to commence brewing on a 15-barrel Premier Stainless rig in October, followed by a December tasting-room opening. In the meantime, Tallman will continue in his role as head brewer at Vista’s Back Street Brewery. He has held that position for more than two years after stints at Stone Brewing and Rough Draft Brewing Company. While with the latter, he helped earn a gold and silver medal at the 2013 L.A. International Beer Competition plus a bronze at the 2013 San Diego International Beer Festival. He will serve as head brewer at Burgeon and be assisted by Van Leeuwen.

The trio (who have known each other since high school) spent a year searching for locations, initially intending to site Burgeon in a retail location in downtown Vista or coastal Oceanside. They eventually selected their 10,000-square-foot Carlsbad facility after several buildings in the aforementioned regions fell through, deciding an industrial site was what they needed to get the business off the ground in the near future. The tasting-room will take up a fifth of the entire space and be built out of cedar slabs from a property in Julian belonging to one of Burgeon’s investors. In terms of beer, Tallman and company hope to produce a wide variety of styles, including pale ales, IPAs, hoppy and imperial pale lagers, a rye-infused amber, nut brown and Belgian-style ales (possibly including lesser-seen styles, grisette and singel). A barrel-aging program will also be instituted from the get-go.

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2015 Recap: Beers Past

Dec 15

This marks the first in a three-part line of year-end posts. Today’s will focus on the most alluring ghosts of new beers past from 2015. Each year, I have the pleasure (the honor, actually) of sampling literally hundreds of beers from San Diego-based breweries. The following are the 50 that were most memorable for their great flavors, aromas, textures and, in some cases, their adventurousness (but only when creatively daring pursuits paid successful dividends for imbibers). Surely your list varies as no two beer fiends’ palates are alike. But this isn’t about being right…it’s about being comprehensive, so pile on your favorite new beers of 2015 in the Comments section so others can benefit from your guidance. Happy drinking and God bless us, everyone!

Societe The Coachman Session IPA

Societe The Coachman Session IPA

Hoppy Beers

  • Abnormal Debut IPA
  • Bagby Grief Counselor (strong pale ale)
  • Bagby Dinkus (imperial IPA)
  • Bay City Session IPA
  • Bay City Coffee Pale Ale
  • Benchmark Hildegard Triple IPA
  • Coronado Stingray IPA
  • Duck Foot Double White IPA
  • Green Flash Passion Fruit Kicker (partially wine barrel-aged, dry-hopped white IPA w/Brettanomyces & passion fruit)
  • The Hop Concept Hop Freshener Series Citrus & Piney IPA
  • Monkey Paw Gibbon Back (double IPA)
  • New English Two Legit Double IPA
  • Nickel My Way Fresh Hop IPA
  • Rip Current Deep Crimson Imperial Red Rye
  • Societe The Coachman (session IPA)
  • Stone 19th Anniversary Thunderstruck IPA
  • Stone Delicious IPA
  • Stone Enjoy By Black IPA
  • URBN St. Jumbo Double IPA
Abnormal Full Pint Breakfast Porter

Abnormal Full Pint Breakfast Porter

Dark & Roasty Beers

  • Abnormal Full Pint Breakfast Porter (oatmeal porter w/coffee & maple syrup)
  • AleSmith Hawaiian Speedway Stout (imperial coffee stout w/vanilla & coconut)
  • Ballast Point Oompa Lupus (imperial milk stout w/chocolate, chilies & orange)
  • Fall 2AM Bike Ride (stout w/coffee & vanilla)
  • Half Door Coleman’s Stout (dry Irish-style stout)
  • Second Chance Tabula Rasa (black porter)
  • South Park Scripps Pier Oyster Stout


Belgian-style Beers

  • AleSmith Noël (Belgian-style Christmas ale)
  • Fallbrook Homegrown Saison (saison w/grapefruit, orange, lemon, prickly pear & avocado honey)
  • The Lost Abbey My Black Parade (barrel-aged, Belgian-style dark strong ale w/cacao nibs, cinnamon, dried chilies & vanilla)
  • Nickel Double Dubbel Animal-Style (rum barrel-aged Belgian-style quadrupel)
  • Pizza Port Saisian Persuasion (Belgian-style saison w/yuzu, lemongrass, ginger & green peppercorns)
  • Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station Rainbow Triplin’ (Belgian-style tripel w/strawberries, oranges, lemons, limes & grapes)
Council Imperial Béatitude w/Nectarines & Peaches

Council Imperial Béatitude w/Nectarines & Peaches

Sour Beers

  • Alpine Kiwi Herman (kiwi sour ale)
  • Council Imperial Béatitude (tart saison w/peaches & nectarines)
  • Green Flash Cellar 3 Natura Morta w/Cranberries (barrel-aged sour ale w/cranberries)
  • The Lost Abbey Churchill’s Finest Sour 2015 (barrel-aged sour ale)
  • The Lost Abbey Veritas 015 (barrel-aged sour ale w/apricots, nectarines & peaches)
  • Monkey Paw Yeast Farmer Tart Pomegranate Saison
  • Societe The Thief (barrel-aged sour ale)
  • Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station Gose Gose Gadget (gose w/coriander & smoked sea salt)
  • Toolbox Purple Drink (boysenberry sour ale)
  • Toolbox X Lupus (blueberry sour Brett beer)

Other Styles

Half Door Extra Extra Special Bitter

Half Door Extra Extra Special Bitter

  • Bolt Donator Doppelbock
  • Coronado Seacoast Pilsner
  • Fall Plenty For All (pilsner/California common hybrid)
  • Fallbrook Lupus Has Left The Building (peanut butter hefeweizen)
  • Guadalupe El Vanillo (vanilla cream ale)
  • Half Door Extra Extra Special Bitter (imperial ESB)
  • Rip Current Delaminator (smoked doppelbock)
  • Rough Draft Pinot Noir Barrel-Aged Wheat Wine

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