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32 North opening tap room in Liberty Station collective

Nov 19

32n_03Miramar’s 32 North Brewing Company recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, and it’s looking like Years Two and Three will be big ones for the young interest. Owner Steve Peterson has accepted the invitation of the Moniker Group to be a tenant business at a collective retail establishment being installed at 2860 Sims Road in Liberty Station later this year. Moniker currently runs an East Village warehouse housing roughly 20 brands manufacturing apparel, furniture, bicycles and a variety of other local products. The new location will be similarly eclectic, serving as home to a lifestyle retail shop curated by Del Mar’s Lone Flag Supply Company, a coffee concept dubbed Moniker Coffee and the 32 North Taproom. The total interior space comes in at 4,200 square feet with 1,200 additional square feet available via an outdoor patio.

32BNo brewing will take place at the Taproom, but in order to sufficiently supply that space with beer, more fermentation vessels will need to be purchased and utilized at 32 North’s brewery. The company is already having trouble fulfilling demand for three of its beers—Landfall Berliner Weisse, Nautical Mile IPA and Pennant Pale Ale. Peterson is excited to increase exposure for 32 North’s beers in general and cites Stone Brewing World Bistro and Gardens – Liberty Station and Modern Times Beer as businesses that has gotten people used to visiting Point Loma for beer. The soon-to-open Liberty Public Market next to the aforementioned Stone also figures to be a great draw among diverse demographic sects.

Peterson expresses zero concerns when asked if he has reservations about having high-profile competition so near (in addition to Stone, an iteration of popular craft beer outlet, Bottlecraft, will be installed within the Liberty Public Market project). 32 North’s brewery is in the heart of Miramar, one of the most brewery-saturated areas of San Diego with major players such as Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits, Green Flash Brewing Company and AleSmith Brewing Company. Peterson says those businesses help to bring in business, as do recommendations from employees of those businesses to their patrons.

Because it fits the model of a collective, Moniker Warehouse will not allow 32 North to maximize its individual branding, but Peterson is enthusiastic about being a productive member of this communal operation, which is currently set to open in January 2016.

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Beer of the Week: Alpine Pure Hoppiness

Nov 6
Alpine Pure Hoppiness

Alpine Pure Hoppiness

From the Beer Writer: I won’t mince words. When a craft brewery is purchased by a macro-brewery, it’s a terrible thing. However, when a craft brewery is acquired by a craft brewery, that’s a whole other deal entirely. It’s my theory that, in order to more effectively contend with desperate Big Beer breweries eating up craft entities to steal back market share, craft companies are going to need to partner together or do some buying of their own. A case for this is made by Green Flash Brewing Company’s acquisition of Alpine Beer Co. Before selling to Green Flash, Alpine’s beers were much-coveted but in scarce supply. Nowadays, Alpine beers are much easier to find and are being distributed in a real way for the first time ever. Such is the case with its extremely hoppy, 8% alcohol-by-volume double India pale ale, Alpine Pure Hoppiness, which was recently released nationwide in six-packs. Though brewed and packaged at Green Flash’s Mira Mesa facility, the bottles are still adorned with original Alpine artwork and the beer, though not exactly the same as editions brewed on Alpine’s system, is mighty fine, making a satisfying case for quality craft breweries uniting.

From the Brewer: “Pure Hoppiness was created back before there was such a thing as a Double IPA. As a progression of my early homebrewing days of recipe development, this was a real challenge to satisfy my biggest critic, my wife Val. Many predecessors were brewed with the same presentation to Val: ‘Taste this, does it taste bad to you?’ Each was met with, ‘its good, but can you make it more floral, not bitter but more hoppy?’ That’s when big late addition hops were added and eventually a hop-back along with the impressive hop bill in the dry hopping. The newest cool hop to hit the market about that time was Columbus and its hijacked versions other hop farmers were stealing from each other, Tomahawk and Zeus. Columbus combined with Cascade and Centennial, old-school workhorse hops, made up the bulk of the hop bill, both in the brewing and dry hopping. We sneak in a little Nugget to help round out the flavor and aroma and balance out the hop oil profile. We use Simpson’s Maris Otter as part of the malt base. It still stands toe-to-toe with the best double IPAs out there so…drink Pure Hoppiness or go to bed!”—Pat McIlhenney, Brewmaster, Alpine Beer Co.

From the Bottle: This mega-hopped, West Coast-style India pale ale will take you to hop heaven! We’ve used hops in the boil, more hops in the giant hopback, and added to that an incredible amount of dry-hopping for that cutting edge “hop bite.” Once you’ve tasted this unique beer, all others pale in comparison. Drink better beer so…Drink Alpine ale or go to bed!—Pat McIlhenney

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San Diego Beer Week: My Way (& Yours?)

Nov 2

Whesdbw_2015n perusing the latest issue of West Coaster, I saw that publisher Mike Shess had taken time to outline the manner in which he would choose to spend San Diego Beer Week (Nov. 6-15). It got me to thinking: How would I spend my Beer Week if I had the unlimited funds, ability to teleport, ungodly hepatic fortitude and lack of dietary qualms (and two full-time jobs) necessary to stay at it for 10 whole days? The following is the result of this exercise in pint-in-the-sky dreaming with the events Mr. Shess and I agree on bolded.

Friday, Nov. 6
– Rare Beer Breakfast, Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens, Escondido
– 3-Year Anniversary Party, Amplified Ale Works, Pacific Beach
– Guild Fest: VIP Brewer Takeover, Broadway Pier, Downtown

Saturday, Nov. 7
– San Diego Brewers Guild Festival, Broadway Pier, Downtown
– Everyone’s Out to Get You Mother Pucker, O’Brien’s Pub, Kearny Mesa
– Barrel Night, The Lost Abbey, San Marcos

Sunday, Nov. 8
– Nomad Donuts Beer Pairing, Thorn St. Brewery, North Park
– Ultimate Beer & Chocolate, Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens, Escondido
– Wine Country Beer vs. Wine with Almanac Brewing, Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant, Bankers Hill

Monday, Nov. 9
– Fishing with the Brewers, Fathom Bistro, Point Loma
– Seven-Course Rip Current Brewing Beer Dinner, Slater’s 50/50, San Marcos
– Brews, Views & Chews, Tom Ham’s Lighthouse, Harbor Island

Tuesday, Nov. 10
– Full Table, Benchmark Brewing Co., Grantville
– Pizza Port Family Tap Takeover, Pizza Port, Ocean Beach
– Green Flash Cellar 3 Dinner, Churchill’s Pub & Grille, San Marcos

Wednesday, Nov. 11
– Sour Beer Tap Takeover, Rip Current Brewing Co. Tasting Room, North Park
– Three-Day Speedway Stout Grand Prix, AleSmith Brewing Co., Miramar
– Fall Brewing Beer Dinner, Waypoint Public, North Park

Thursday, Nov. 12
– 7th Annual Disc Golf Fling, Hamilton’s Tavern, South Park
– Barrel-Aged Beer & Single-Barrel Whiskey Pairing, Seven Grand, North Park
– Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey Rare Beer Dinner, Churchill’s Pub & Grille, San Marcos

Friday, Nov. 13
– Battle of the Guilds, Toronado, North Park
– Beer to the Rescue Swell Coffee Pale Ale Collaboration Release, Bay City Brewing Co., Point Loma
– Beer without Borders, Machete Beer House, National City

Saturday, Nov. 14
– San Diego Cheese & Beer Festival, Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens, Liberty Station
– Barrel-Aged Speedway Stout & Hawaiian Speedway Stout Release Party, AleSmith Brewing Co., Miramar
– Three Amigos (Bagby Beer, Nickel Beer, Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey), O’Brien’s Pub, Kearny Mesa

Sun., Nov. 15
– Ballast Point Victory at Sea Bonanza, Hamilton’s Tavern
– Beer Garden, The Lodge at Torrey Pines
– The Lost Abbey Tasting with Gwen Conley, O’Brien’s Pub, Kearny Mesa

For lists of the events taking place during San Diego Beer Week, consult our events page or the official SDBW website’s event page.

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Q&A: Erik Jensen

Oct 28

Brewmaster, Green Flash Breerikjensenwing Co.

When news broke about Chuck Silva resigning from Green Flash Brewing Company, most focused on the Mira Mesa-based business’ long-time brewmaster’s future. Meanwhile, the company shifted its attention to the future. In doing so, it leaned on a resource that has been very valuable for the past three years, promoting former head brewer Erik Jensen to the position of brewmaster. Both they and Silva are pleased with the move, and highly confident in Jensen’s ability to step in and fill some very big brewer’s boots. Despite being busy adjusting to his new role—including ordering an entire brew system for Green Flash’s upcoming East Coast brewery in Virginia Beach, Virginia—he took some time to answer questions about his past, present and bright, flashy future.

Has it been your aspiration to become a brewmaster?
Erik Jensen: It’s not a new role for me. I’ve been the brewmaster at a couple of smaller breweries where I had recipe control, so this is just a new chapter for me on a much larger scale.

Tell us about your career up to this point?
EJ: I received a certificate in Intensive Brewing Science from the American Brewers Guild under professor Michael Lewis in 1994. That led me to Golden Pacific Brewing Company in Berkeley, where I worked for a couple of years as a brewer and supervisor. From there, I moved on to Karl Strauss Brewing Company in 1996, where I was head brewer until 2002. I went on to a couple of stints at brewpubs between 2003 and 2011, where I was the brewmaster and recipe developer. I have been with Green Flash since February of 2012, first as head brewer and now as brewmaster.

Silva left rather suddenly. Take us through the emotions of the day he resigned and you were promoted?
EJ: I’ve been in the role of running Green Flash for nearly four years now, so there was no great shock in continuing to do that. When Chuck announced his resignation, our CEO and founder, Mike Hinkley, came to me within the hour and offered me the role of brewmaster. It was very flattering that he had such confidence in my abilities that it wasn’t even a question for him.

What does the role of brewmaster entail?
EJ: I am responsible for all day-to-day operations at Green Flash Brewing, including our main facility in Mira Mesa and Cellar 3 in Poway. My first big project is to design and build our new brewery in Virginia Beach, which we plan to have in production by next summer. I am also working on refining our new products for 2016. We are also developing a brewing lab to help us investigate our processes and ensure that everything we do is geared towards the highest quality beer we can make. Passions of mine are digging into the daily operations, developing brewers and making our processes as good as they can be.

Are there any beers you hope to conceptualize?
EJ: I’d love to make a fruity, juicy, hoppy wheat bee that’s lower in alcohol and hop-bursted or made using our new hop-back…or both. I’d also like to experiment with kettle-soured beers. I love the low-alcohol/high-flavor that kettle-soured beers are known for. Green Flash also has a huge opportunity with our barrel-aged Cellar 3 brand which I hope to expand on. I am also excited to work with Shawn McIlhenney of Alpine Beer Co. to continue their great tradition of hoppy beers.

Any parting thoughts?
EJ: Green Flash owes Chuck Silva a great debt. We wouldn’t be the brewery that we are today without him, and we wish him great success with his new venture. That said, we are looking forward to a new era at Green Flash. I’m really lucky to have the dedicated and talented brewers that we have on our staff. It’s going to make my new role that much easier.

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October Events Sampler Flight

Oct 1

sf_1015Fall arrives with the promise of brats and lederhosen, but there’s more to October than its namesake festing period. Don’t believe us, then read on and see for yourself the plethora of ale- and lager-fueled events that so admirably fill the period in-between Oktoberfest and next month’s San Diego Beer Week. Still not enough for you? Consult our events page for even more fun.

October | Oktoberfest Celebrations: Everyone is embracing German culture (and beer) to varying degrees, from ‘hoods like Carlsbad, El Cajon, La Jolla, La Mesa and Ocean Beach, to local breweries including AleSmith Brewing Co.Ballast Point Brewing & SpiritsGreen Flash Brewing Co. and 24-7-365 Germanic Lightning Brewery. Consult our events page and brewery websites for more deets. | Various Locations, Dates & Times Vary

October | Beer to the Rescue Releases: It’s another big month of one-time-only beer releases for this charity effort benefiting the Lupus Foundation of Southern California. Half Door Brewing Co. will debut its extra special bitter (Oct. 12, East Village), followed by 32 North Brewing Co.‘s dry-hopped Irish-American red ale (Oct. 22 in Miramar) and Rip Current Brewing Co.’s red rye imperial IPA (Oct. 28 in North Park). | Various Locations, Times Vary

October 10 | Birdies & Beers: It’s the official unofficial sporting pastime enjoyed by just about every pro brewery in the Greater San Diego area. That’s right…disc golf? Go figure, but the only thing San Diego’s fermentation specialists seem to love more than ales and lagers is a good fling. Get in on a great day on the greens that includes beer, food, music and helping out a good cause. | Sun Valley Golf Course, 5080 Memorial Drive, La Mesa, 11 a.m.

October 18 | Pour It Black: As autumn sets in and the temperature “falls” from 85 degrees to a chilly 82, the time for darker, heartier beers presents itself and Stone Brewing Co. is more than prepared. With more than 100 different brown-to-onyx hued sour ales, porters, stouts, IPAs and barrel-aged brews, quantity, quality and variety are all well represented at this annual fest. | Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens, 1999 Citracado Parkway, Escondido, 10 a.m.

October 21 | Drinkabout!: Yes, this event happens every month, but having the fun and value of taking part in free transport to a handful of standout imbibing strongholds offering special deals and beers within San Diego’s sudsier neighborhoods can’t be understated. Get on the bus and get in on a good time. | Various Locations; Normal Heights, North Park, South Park, University Heights; 7 p.m.

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