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San Diego Brewery Watch

San Diego beer is booming. Please help out by sending in your additions/suggestions/corrections to This list tracks individual ABC-licensed brew houses. NOTE that operational brewhouse does not necessarily mean there is a tasting room. UPDATED 1/6/18


LIST OF SD COUNTY BREWHOUSES in alphabetical order:
1. 10 Barrel Brewing Co. (East Village, 2017; Acquired by AB-InBev in 2014)
2. 2 Kids Brewing Co. (Mira Mesa, 2013)
3. 32 North Brewing Co. (Miramar, 2014)
4. Abnormal Beer Company (Rancho Bernardo, 2015)
5. Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment (Midtown, 2013)
6. AleSmith Brewing Company (Miramar, 1995; 2015)
7. Align Brewing Co. (Miramar, 2017)
8. Alpine Beer Company (Alpine, 2002)
9. Amplified Ale Works (Pacific Beach, 2012)
10. Amplified Ale Works (Miramar, 2016)
11. Arcana Brewing Co. (Carlsbad, 2012)
12. Alta Brewing (Barrio Logan, 2017)
13. Automatic Brewing Company (Normal Heights, 2010)
14. Aztec Brewing Company (Vista, 2011)
15. Back Street Brewery (Vista, 2004)
16. Bagby Beer Company (Oceanside, 2014)
17. Ballast Point Brewing Company (Scripps Ranch, 2006; Acquired by Constellation Brands in 2015)
18. Ballast Point Brewing Company (Miramar Trade Street, 2017)
19. Ballast Point Brewing Company (Little Italy, 2013)
20. Ballast Point Brewing Company (Miramar, 2014)
21. Ballast Point Home Brew Mart (Linda Vista, 1996)
22. Barn Brewery (North Park, 2016)
23. Barrel Harbor (Vista, 2013)
24. Battlemage Brewing Company (Vista, 2017)
25. Bay Bridge Brewing Co. (Chula Vista, 2006)
26. Bay City Brewing (Loma Portal, 2015)
27. Bear Roots Brewing Co. (Vista, 2015)
28. Belching Beaver Brewing (New HQ – Oceanside, 2016)
29. Belching Beaver Brewing (Original Location – Vista, 2012)
30. Belching Beaver Brewery Tavern & Grill (Vista, 2016)
31. Benchmark Brewing (Grantville, 2013)
32. Bitter Brothers Brewing (Bay Ho, 2016)
33. Black Plague Brewing (Oceanside, 2017)
34. BNS Brewing & Distilling (Santee, 2013)
35. Bolt Brewing Co. (La Mesa, 2014)
36. Booze Brothers (Vista, 2013)
37. Border X Brewing (Logan Heights, 2013)
38. Breakwater Brewing Company (Oceanside, 2008)
39. Burgeon Beer Company (Carlsbad, 2016)
40. Burning Beard Brewing (El Cajon 2016)
41. California Wild Ales (Sorrento Valley, 2017)
42. ChuckAlek Independent Brewers (Ramona, 2013)
43. Chula Vista Brewery (Chula Vista, 2017)
44. Circle 9 Brewing (Kearny Mesa, 2017)
45. Coronado Brewing Company (Coronado, 1996)
46. Coronado Brewing Company (Bay Park, 2013) & SouthNorte (2017)
47. Council Brewing (Kearny Mesa, 2014)
48. Culture Brewing Co. (Solana Beach, 2013)
49. Culver Beer Co. (Carlsbad, 2016)
50. Deft Brewing (Bay Park, 2017)
51. Division 23 Brewing (Miramar, 2015)
52. Dos Desperados (San Marcos, 2014)
53. Duck Foot (Miramar, 2015)
54. Ebullition Brew Works LLC (Vista, 2017)
55. Eppig Brewing (North Park, 2016)
56. Escondido Brewing Co. (Escondido, 2017)
57. Fall Brewing Co. (North Park, 2014)
58. Fallbrook Brewing Company (Fallbrook, 2013)
59. Finest Made Ales (formerly named Butcher’s Brewing; Santee, 2013)
60. Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant (Mission Valley, 1998)
61. Green Flash Brewing Co. (Mira Mesa, 2002)
62. Groundswell Brewing Co. (Grantville, 2013)
63. Groundswell Brewing Co. (Santee, 2017)
64. Guadalupe Brewery (Carlsbad, 2015)
65. Half Door Brewing Co. (Downtown, 2015)
66. Helix Brewing Co. (La Mesa, 2015)
67. Helm’s Brewing (Kearny Mesa, 2012)
68. Hillcrest Brewing Company (Hillcrest, 2012)
69. Home Brewing Co. (North Park, 2015)
70. Horus Aged Ales (Oceanside, 2017)
71. Indian Joe Brewing (Vista, 2017)
72. Intergalactic Brewing Co. (Mira Mesa, 2013)
73. Iron Fist Brewing Company (Vista, 2010)
74. Jacked Up Brewing (Escondido, 2017)
75. Jamul Brewing Co. (Jamul, 2013)
76. Karl Strauss 4S Ranch (4S Ranch, 2012)
77. Karl Strauss Carlsbad (Carlsbad, 1999)
78. Karl Strauss Downtown (Downtown, 1989)
79. Karl Strauss La Jolla (La Jolla, 2004)
80. Karl Strauss Main Production Brewery (Pacific Beach, 1996)
81. Karl Strauss Sorrento Mesa (Sorrento Mesa, 1994)
82. Kensington Brewing Company (Grantville, 2013)
83. Kilowatt Brewing Company (Kearny Mesa, 2015)
84. KnB Brewery (Del Cerro, 2016)
85. Knotty Brewing Co. (Downtown, 2016)
86. Latitude 33 Brewing Company (Vista, 2012)
87. Legacy Brewing (Oceanside, 2013)
88. Lightning Brewery (Poway, 2006)
89. Little Miss Brewing (Miramar, 2016)
90. Longship Brewery (Mira Mesa, 2016)
91. Mason Ale Works (Oceanside, 2015)
92. Mason Ale Works (San Marcos, 2017)
93. Midnight Jack Brewing Co. (Oceanside, 2016)
94. Mike Hess Brewing (North Park, 2013)
95. Mikkeller Brewing San Diego (Miramar, 2015)
96. Mission Brewery (Downtown, 2008)
97. Modern Times (Midway, 2013)
98. Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery (East Village, 2011)
99. Mother Earth Brew Company (Vista, 2010)
100. New English Brewing Company (Sorrento Valley, 2008)
101. Nickel Beer Company (Julian, 2013)
102. North Park Beer Co. (North Park, 2016)
103. Northern Pine Brewing (Oceanside, 2017)
104. Novo Brazil Brewing Company (Chula Vista, 2015)
105. O’Sullivan Brother’s Brewing (Scripps Ranch, 2014)
106. OB Brewery (Ocean Beach, 2016)
107. Oceanside Brewing Company (Oceanside, 2016)
108. Oggi’s Carmel Mountain Ranch (Carmel Mountain, 1995)
109. Pacific Beach Ale House (Pacific Beach, 2007)
110. Pacific Islander Beer Co. (Santee, 2015)
111. Pariah Brewing Company (North Park, 2017)
112. Pizza Port Bressi Ranch (Bressi Ranch, 2014)
113. Pizza Port Carlsbad (Carlsbad, 1997)
114. Pizza Port Ocean Beach (Ocean Beach, 2010)
115. Pizza Port Solana Beach (Solana Beach, 1992)
116. Plan 9 Ale House (Escondido, 2013)
117. Poor House Brewing Co (North Park, 2012)
118. Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey (San Marcos, 2006)
119. Prodigy Brewing Company (San Marcos, 2016)
120. Prohibition Brewing Company (Vista, 2011)
121. Protector Brewery (Miramar, 2017)
122. Pure Project Brewing (Miramar, 2016)
123. Quantum Brewing Company (Kearny Mesa, 2014)
124. Reckless Brewing Co. (Miramar, 2015)
125. Resident Brewing Co. (Downtown, 2016)
126. Rip Current Brewing Co. (San Marcos, 2012)
127. Rock Bottom Brewery Restaurant La Jolla (La Jolla, 1998)
128. Rough Draft Brewing Company (Mira Mesa, 2012)
129. Rouleur Brewing Company (Carlsbad, 2017)
130. San Diego Brewing Company (Grantville, 1993)
131. San Diego Brewing Company (North Park, 2017)
132. San Marcos Brewery & Grill (San Marcos, 1991)
133. Second Chance Beer Co. (Carmel Mountain Ranch, 2015)
134. Smoking Cannon Brewery (Ramona, 2017) (WC)
135. Societe Brewing Co. (Kearny Mesa, 2012)
136. South Park Brewing Co. (South Park, 2015)
137. SR76 Brewery (Valley Center, 2017)
138. Saint Archer Brewing Co. (Miramar, 2013; Acquired by MillerCoors in 2015)
139. Stone Brewing Co(Escondido, 1996)
140. Stone Liberty Station (Liberty Station, 2013)
141. Stumblefoot Brewing Company (San Marcos, 2012)
142. Thorn Brewing Co. (Barrio Logan, 2017)
143. Thorn St. Brewery (North Park, 2012)
144. Thr3e Punk Ales Brewing Co. (Chula Vista, 2017)
145. Thunderhawk Alements (Miramar, 2016)
146. Toolbox Brewing (Vista, 2014)
147. Viewpoint Brewing Co. (Del Mar, 2017)
148. Wavelength Brewing Co. (Vista, 2014)
149. White Labs (Miramar, 2012)
150. Wild Barrel Brewing (San Marcos, 2017)

Alpine Beer Co. Pub
Barrel Harbor Miramar Road 
Belching Beaver North Park
Belching Beaver Ocean Beach
Bolt Brewing Little Italy
Chuckalek Biergarten North Park
Coronado Brewing Co. Imperial Beach

Culture Brewing Encinitas
Culture Brewing Ocean Beach
Green Flash Cellar 3
Groundswell Chula Vista
Helm’s Brewing Ocean Beach
Mike Hess Brewing Ocean Beach
Mike Hess Brewing Miramar
Iron Fist Barrio Logan
Kilowatt Brewing (Ocean Beach)
Legacy Brewing Miramar
Lost Abbey Confessional Cardiff
Little Miss Normal Heights
Modern Times North Park
Modern Times Encinitas (in planning)
Mother Earth Tap Room Vista
Rip Current North Park
Second Chance Brewing North Park
Stone Oceanside
Stone Tap Room
Stone Kettner/Downtown

Brewing facility (Neighborhood) (Projected Opening If Known)
Attitude Brewing Co. (Barrio Logan)
BlueWater Brewing (Carlsbad)
Depot Springs Beer Company (La Mesa)
Fourpenny House (La Mesa) (2017)
Full Body Brewing (Vista)
Harney Brewing Co. (North SD)
Kairoa (University Heights)
Knox Corners Brewing (Lakeside)
Legatus Brewing Co. (Chula Vista)
Mike Hess Brewing (Miramar)
TapRoom Brewing (North Park)
White Fence Brewing (Vista)

Removed Oceanside Ale Works from the active list
Removed La Jolla Brewing and Barrel Rescue from active list
SpecHops closed on NYE; removed from the active list
Removed Kuracali Sake & Beer as well as Wiseguy breweries
3 changes to Satellite Tasting Room list: Added Groundswell Chula Vista; Second Chance North Park now open; Removed Little Miss OB
Added SouthNorte to Coronado’s Knoxville listing. These are two distinct companies using the same brewhouse. 
Added 4 breweries to the Active list: Barrel Rescue, Deft, Horus and Northern Pine. Our count’s at 156
Added Deft, Kaiora, Attitude and TapRoom into the Planned list
Added Wild Barrel Brewing to Active List.
Removed Alta & 10 Fathoms from the Planned list. Alta is now brewing and 10 Fathoms is a homebrewer with no intention of going pro. Also, fixed up some links in the Satellite section. Culture Encinitas is now open, so removed the In Planning tag in the Satellite section. No sign from Dogma Brewing, removed from Planned section. Big thanks to Bill V. for the help.
Added Ballast Point Trade St. location (right across from “Old Grove”) to the Active list.
Removed Magnetic Brewing (evicted) and Downtown’s The Beer Company – now closed and will open again after renovation by new ownership
Removed Julian Brewing from Active list (under renovations); added Lightning back in as readers report they are still open and brewing.
Added Alta Brewing Barrio Logan to the Active list
Added Viewpoint and Thorn Barrio Logan to the Active List
Added Oggi’s Carmel Mountain Ranch back into Active list; still brewing!
Added Escondido Brewing Co. to the Active list.
Added 10 Barrel, Circle 9, and Protector Brewery to Active list.
Added to the Active list: Smoking Cannon, Align Brewing Co. Readers report that Lightning is now closed in Poway (removed from Active). Removed Downbeat (dead in the water), Indian Joe, California Wild Ales, Ebullition, Mason San Marcos, (added to Active list previously).
Added Thr3e Punk Ales Brewing Co. in Chula Vista to the Active list.
Added Mason Ale Works San Marcos, Chula Vista Brewery, Battlemage Brewing, California Wild Ales, Ebullition Brew works to the Active list.
Added Wiseguy Brewing to the Active list.
Added Fourpenny House to the Planned list.
Added Rouleur to the Active list; removed Offbeat from Active brewery list as they close today.
Even more changes. Readers report that Oggi’s is not brewing anymore at their brewpubs but rather at Left Coast (their parent OC brewery) – removed from the Active list. Added Mike Hess Miramar, Alta, and Chula Vista to the Planned list.
A high amount of activity since the last update. Added Battlemage, Coronado Imperial, Alta Brewing, White Fence, Horus Aged Ales to the Planned List. Removed from Active list: On The Tracks. Added to the Active list: Indian Joe. Added Second Chance North Park to the Tasting room list.
Added 3 Punks to the Planned list. Readers report Indian Joe is opening March 2017 (Thanks Steve E.)
Big update. Added Jacked Up, Groundswell Santee, and SpecHops to the Active list. Added Alpine’s pub, Belching Beaver OB, Chuckalek North Park, Modern Times Encinitas, Culture Encinitas, Kilowatt OB, Little Miss OB + Normal Heights to the tasting room list. Added Mason Ale Works’ San Marcos facility to the Planned list. (Big thanks to Willian V., Teresa S., Kurt L.,!)
Added to Active: Pariah Brewing
Added to Active: SR76 and San Diego Brewing. Added to Planned 10 Fathoms.
Added Burgeon Beer Company to the active list after it opened its doors December 4
Added Barrel Harbor’s Miramar tasting room to the satellite tasting room list (Thanks Gian!)
Added Eppig to the Active list. To the Planned: Jacked Up (Thanks Kurt L.) and Groundswell Santee. 
Changed Vigilante Brewing to Viewpoint Brewing
Added SR76 Beer Works to the Planned list. Removed from Planned + added to Active list: Thunderhawk.
Added Thorn Street Barrio Logan to the planned list (Thanks Kurt S.)
Little Miss Brewing has beers out in the open; now in active list! Also, removed Mike Hess Miramar as their brewhouse is not currently active.
Wiseguy Brewing Co., Downbeat Brewing Co., and Escondido Brewing Co. added to the Planned list.
Valley Center Brewing, which opened in 2014, is now closed. Removed from Active list.
Moved Knotty Brewing Co. from planned to active list
Changed name of Butcher’s Brewing to Finest Made Ales; grand opening party August 19.
Added Burgeon to the Planed list.
Added Rouleur Brewing Co. to the Planned list. Added Eggpig Brewing to the Planned list, also.
Added Longship to the Active list. Pacific has closed, removed from Active list. 
North Park Beer Co is up and running, and Prodigy has beer in the tanks.
List has been recently updated to add Amplified Ale Works (Miramar), KnB is back up-and-brewing (Del Cerro), and Belching Beaver’s new brewpub (Vista)
Two more duplicate type-23 tasting rooms are coming to Ocean Beach from Helm’s and the Beaver (thanks Jared R.!)
Barrel Harbor is planning on opening a tasting room in Sorrento Valley.
Added Oceanside Brewing Co, Midnight Jack & OB Brewery to active list. Oceanside and Midnight Jack tasting rooms are now open; OB Brewery opening date TBD!
Belching Beaver’s largest facility, the Oceanside HQ, is now up-and-running! Yesterday was the first brew: wort for barrel-aged sours. 
Mikkeller is very much active! Grand opening April 16. Updated Planned Breweries list, removed ones that seem dead in the water: Bespoke Brewing, Birrificio Calabria, Crow Brewing, Fathom Brewing, Orbit Brewing, RPM/Analog, Slump Buster, Taproot.
Twisted Manzanita has ceased brewing operations
Burning Beard in El Cajon held their soft opening last night. Cheers guys!
Culver Beer Co (was Palomar) now active in Carlsbad!
Resident Brewing is alive in Downtown, added to the Active list. Pariah and Black Plague are coming to North Park and Vista, respectively, in 2016 – added to the Planned list.
Urbn Street Brewing Co. is now closed (est. 2014). Pure Project is now alive, and Amplified will be opening soon. Adjusted the Active and Planned lists accordingly.
Barn Brewery is up and running (Thanks Kurt!)
Added Culver Beer Co. to the Planned list.
Prodigy is inactive and moving to San Marcos – removed from the Active list. Resident is opening soon! (Thanks Ryan R.!)
Added Bitter Brothers to the Active list. Three Punks is contracting at Butcher’s (amended their listing in the Active list). Twisted Manzanita is opening a tasting room in North Park off El Cajon Blvd across from the Red Fox Room; added into the Tasting room list. Added Legatus to the Planned list #southbayuprising
Mason Ale Works is now brewing – #116. Added Knotty Brewing to our planned list.
Removed KnB because readers report they aren’t brewing. Added Bear Roots Brewing to the active list. Added Division 23’s tasting room to the Satellite list. Border X has moved from their Otay location and is now brewing in Logan Heights (no public tasting room at that location).
Added Kensington Brewing, whose tasting room is not yet open.
Some fixes on our Tasting Room section. Hess OB & Bolt are now open, and the link for Coronado IB was wrong (thanks Minaero!)
Added California Wild Ales to the Planned list.
Barn isn’t quite brewing yet, moved to Planned. In both the Active list and Tasting Room list, our alphabetical order was wrong – big thanks to Jason Van B. for helping out!
Helix and Magnetic are now open & brewing – #114 & #115 (Thanks Andy P.)
Second Chance Beer Co. completed their first brew day yesterday – #113. 
Bay Bridge is now active in Chula Vista. Added to the Active list, removed from the Planned list.
Added PB Ale House back into the Active list because they have re-opened. Fixed Magnetic’s link in the Planned list (Thanks Daniel B.)
And then there were 110. Bay City is alive but their tasting room isn’t, yet. Promethean is also still in progress and has changed their name to Burning Beard Brewery. (Thanks Tom G., Mike M.)
Added Barrel Rescue to the Planned list, removed Stone South Park from the Tasting Room list 🙁 (Thanks Arian C.!)
Added Guadalupe and Pacific Islander to the Active list. (Thanks @GottaTickmAll & @bkrich83!)
Added Fighter Town Brewing Co. to the Planned list.
Removed Fat Cat from the Active list because they share the same brewhouse as Latitude 33 (oops!), added Reckless Brewing because they’re up and running again! Added Palomar into the Planned list (thanks Tom L!).
Removed Cold Bore from the Brewing list, and added Oggi’s Carmel Mountain, Barn Brewery, and Julian Brewing into the list.
Added Bear Roots Brewing to the Planned list.
Added Hess Miramar back to the active list; they are brewing!
Removed Barn from the Active list because they aren’t brewing just yet. Added Division 23 to the Active list, because they are! Also, Belching Beaver is going crazy. They are finishing up their Vista brewpub soon and just signed a lease for a production facility in Vista. (via Brandon @ the Reader)
Cardiff Confessional is now open from Lost Abbey & Guadalupe Brewing Co. will open in Carlsbad sometime in 2015. Barn Brewing is open in North Park, kinda. They have house beer but their brewhouse isn’t quite going – added to the Active list as they’re close. (Thanks Dave T.).
Readers report that Hess Miramar is no longer brewing and that Mad Lab is dead in the water. Adjusted the Active list, added Hess Miramar into the tasting room list, and removed Mab Lab from the Planned list. (Thanks Matt M.!) We also removed Duck Foot from the planning list, and into the active list, since their inaugural big-system brew day yesterday.
Novo Brazil is brewing, soft opening is maybe on the 18th. Check out their Facebook. Added to the Active list.
Updated Urge’s brewery project with new info (Thanks Ryan O.!)
Added Rip Current into the Tasting room section (Thanks Ryan T.!)
Midnight Jack Brewing Co. is planned for Oceanside; added into the list. Was thinking about Jack-themed breweries, so checked on Social Jack’s Brewery; they look dead – removed them from the Planned list. Started looking on Facebook and found Kensington Brewing Co. and added them to the Planned list.
Added in Northern Pine Brewing Co. to the Planned list (Thanks Aaron O.!)
Added in a section for brewery tasting rooms (Thanks @GottaTickEmAll), Black Mast Brewing looks dead in the water – removed from Planned. Changed Tomahawk to Thunderhawk Alements (thanks Dan B. et al).
Updated the planned list a bit. PB Ale House and Ebullition Brew Works are planning to open in summer 2015.
Prodigy has beer in the tanks so they’ve been added to the active list. Helix Brewing is in planning in La Mesa near Bolt (thanks SDFrontier) and there’s a brewery opening near 2Kids and Pacific that we think is called Tomahawk. Updated both the Active and Planned lists.
AleSmith 5.0 is now up and brewing. #100
Both South Park Brewing Co. and Kilowatt Brewing Co. are now brewing – added both into the Active list and removed from the Planned list. Added Thr3e Punk Ales Brewing to the Planned list.
Indian Joe is moving to a new location. Currently not brewing, so added them to the Planed list and took them out of the Active list.
Added Vigilante Brewing to the Planned list.
Added Home Brewing Co. to the Active list. Pacific Beach Ale House had a fire and is closed until they can get fixed up. Mikkeller just announced they’re going to be taking over AleSmith’s current location when AleSmith moves into its new location – added both PB Ale House and Mikkeller to the Planned list.
Beer Brewing Co. has closed in Oceanside. Half-Door Brewing Co. is now open downtown. Updated the Active list. In the Planned list, Prodigy and Homebrewer are close to opening (and may be brewing already) – we’ll check on these two. (Thanks Curtis C., Mark M.) Also updated Wahls Brewery/Bay Bridge (not sure on the name) to the Planned list, as a has brewery leased a 12,500 sq. ft. space at 901 Lane Ave, Chula Vista (Thanks Josh B.)
Updated the Active list with the first brewery of 2015: Kuracali. Fixed Rip Current’s link in the Active list. Added Depot Springs to the Planned list, updated Project X, and moved Promethean into the right alphabetical space, too. (Thanks Sage O., Charles P., Ryan T.)
Wavelength Brewing Co. is now open in Vista!
Lots of movement on the Planned list. Stone’s Escondido ABC license has been withdrawn, removed from the list (Thanks Tim S.) Added Otay Lakes, Promethean, Division 23, Harney and Ebullition to the Planned list (Thanks Arian C. & Brandon H.)
Readers report Julian Brewing Co. (2012) has closed. Removed from Active List. (Thanks Stephen L.)
Added Second Chance and updated Pacific Islander in the Planned list (Thanks Jesse O.)
Fall Brewing Co. is now brewing and in their soft opening period. Valley Center opens to the public tomorrow. Bitter Brothers will be brewing off Morena near Karl Strauss’ main production facility.
Added Kilowatt Brewing to the Planned list.
October was a huge month! Added 32 North, Abnormal,  and O’Sullivan to the Active list and removed them from the Planned list. Absolution has moved from SD to Torrance, CA; removed from the Planned list. (Thanks Ryan R.!) Added ***2014 opening designation for Quantum (Thanks Paul, M.!)
Changed Manzanita to Twisted Manzanita Brewing Co. (Thanks Ryan M.)
Oops – Beer Brewing was added twice to the Active list. We’re at 93; corrected the list. Belching Beaver is also opening a brewpub in Vista, Green Flash is opening another facility in Poway, Knox Corners is opening in El Cajon, Bay City Brewing Co. is pending ABC approval in Loma Portal, Fall Brewing Co. is opening in North Park/Normal Heights area, Jamul Town Brewery & Tap may or may not be brewing yet – all added to the Planned list.
Ballast Point Miramar is brewing but not open to the public just yet; added to Active list, removed from Planned list.
Added 32 North Brewing Co. to the Planned list.
Beer Brewing Co. is open in Oceanside, added to Active list; South Park Brewing Co. is planning for a SDBW opening, added to the Planned list.
Added Abnormal Beer Co. to the Planned list.
Both Bolt Brewery and Bagby Beer Co. are now brewing (neither are open to the public just yet). Updated the Active list and removed them from the Planned list.
An accidental fire burned Wet N’ Reckless. Owner says he will rebuild. Removed from the Active list and put on the Planned list. 🙁 
O’Sullivan Brothers is liscensed and almost ready to start brewing, and Ebullition Brew just popped up on our radar. (Thanks Ed O. & Tom L.!)
Quantum and Beer Brewing added to Active List! 
Two new breweries to the Planned list: Quantum Brewing and Dogma Brewing (Thanks Beau S. and Matt C.!)
Added O’Sullivian Brothers Brewing Co. to the Planned list. (Thank you Ed O.!)
Added Ballast Point’s new location and AleSmith’s new expansion into the Planned list. Corrected Magnetic Brewing’s link in the Planned list. (Thank you C.C. & Morgan M.!)
Council Brewing is now making beer. (Thanks Travis H.!) Toolbox is opening soon, also.
Dos Desperados and Pacific Brewing both moved from planned to active lists. Congrats! 
Urbn St. Brewing Co. isn’t open yet, but they are brewing. Opening in a few months.
Added Pacific Islander to the Planned list. (Thanks Stan S.!)
Social Jacks Craft Brewing Co. added to the Planned list.
Few catch up items: Jamul Brewing Co. has been brewing for a little while now, added to Active List. Wavelength added to Planned list.
First brewery of 2014: beer is in the tanks at La Jolla Brewing Co.; added to Active and removed from Planned list. Also, Dos Desperados popped up on our radar and is set to open soon in San Marcos (Thanks David F.!)
And we’re back from Holiday. Bolt Brewing will be located at 8179 Center St, La Mesa 91942. Lots of question marks on the Planned list in regards to opening date but that should change as SD gets out of vacation mode and back to business. Stay tuned!
Border X is open and brewing in Otay Mesa. Updated the Active and Planned lists.
Nickel Beer Co. is opening this weekend and they’ve been active since 11/11; moved from Planned list to Active list.
Added Jamul Brewing Co. to the Planned list.
Booze Brothers and Groundswell Brewing are both open – off Planned and onto Active list. Urban Jungle folded – removed from Planned list.
added Orbit Brewing and changed a few names that were out of order on the Planned list.
Legacy Brewing opens. Moved from Planned list into Active list.
Ballast Point Little Italy is now open; removed from Planned and added into Active list.
Rock Bottom San Diego has closed; removed from Active List. Also, added Plan 9 into the Active list and corrected Valley Center’s placement (Thanks Justin M.!)
Plan 9 Ale House and Two Kids Brewing Co. are now open; removed both from Planned and added into Active list.
Valley Center Brewing is now open. Added to Active list; removed from Planned.
Added Project X to the Planned list and Toolbox Brewing is going to be in Vista.
Added Trouble Brewing to the Planned list.
Barrel Harbor is now open in Vista and Taproot Brewing shall be located in Escondido. (Thanks Cat K.!)
Added Pacific Brewing to the Planned list. (Thanks Charles L.!)
Fallbrook Brewing Co. is up and running in soft-opening mode – added to Active list and removed from Planned list.
Added in some more info for Council Brewing into the Planned list.
Added Fathom Brewing Co. to the Planned list.
Pizza Port Bressi Ranch has been up and running for a little while now. Removed from Planned and added into the Active list. Thanks Matt C.!)
Hess North Park is alive. Tasting room is opening soon. Removed from Planned list and added into Active list.
Devil’s Forge has changed their name and is now Absolution Brewing Co., opening late 2013.
Added new info for Bluewater Brewing to the Planned list. (Thanks David L. + Barry B.)
Added Crow Brewing and Duck Foot Brewing to the Planned list. (Thanks to Kinsee M. & John A.)
Mad Lab is moving. Closed until further notice, removed from Active list and added into Planned list. In the Planned list, Red Topper is now known as Council Brewing (thank you Travis H.!)
Added Groundswell Brewing Co. to the Planned list. (Thanks Kristopher S.!) Changed Fezziwig’s Brewing Co. to Arcana Brewing Co. and updated their website.
All on the Planned list: corrected Booze Brothers (was listed as Brew Bros). Added more info for 2Kids. Added Slump Buster.
Moved Benchmark Brewing from planned to active list.
KnB brewed first test batch of beer today; moved to planned to active list.
Stone Liberty Station is alive! BNS + Modern Times are brewing but both are not open to the public yet. Added those 3 to the Active list and removed them from the Planned list. Added Brew Brothers and The Homebrewer to the Planned list.
Added Black Mast Brewing Co. to the Planned list. Added link for La Jolla Brewing Co. in the Planned list.
Bolt Brewing is planning a return. Added to Planned list.
La Jolla Brew House is closed for good. Looks like some one new is going to open in their spot. Added to the Planned list.
Removed La Jolla Brew House from Active brewery list; says they are closed and under construction. Added Fallbrook Brewing Company to the planned list. In the Planned list, added website for Barrel Harbor and added Blue Water, an upcoming Carlsbad brewpub (thanks David L.!)
Changed Butchers Brewing from Planned to Active; tasting room open May 1. Changed estimated opening date of Stone Liberty Station. Changed opening date of Urban Jungle to unknown, also. Nice catch Arian C.!
Just heard about BP opening in Little Italy. Added to the Planned list.
El Cajon Brewing Co. has closed. Removed from Active list. Looks like the space / equipment may be available for anyone interested. Article here: ALSO, forgot to remove Culture Brewing Co. from the Planned list, so the count of breweries-in-planning is 33 not 34. Nice catch Charles L.!
Intergalatic Brewing Co. is now brewing. Soft opening next week. Added to Active list and removed from Planned list.
St. Archer has been brewing for a few weeks now; added to Active list. Met Magnetic Brewing at Mission Valley Craft Beer Fest; added to the Planned list. Hess is coming along; updated Expected opening date from 2012 to 2013. Also, forgot to thank Claudia F. for the info on the last update Re: Barrel Harbor; added into Special thanks list.
Added Barrel Harbor in Vista to the Planned list. Also, Modern Times is located in the Midway neighborhood, not Point Loma; info updated in the Planned list.
Added Border X Brewing to the Planned list. 
Wordpress ghosts decided to rearrange things in the Planned list. Cleaned it up and fixed the number of breweries in planning: 33.
Acoustic is alive – no tasting room but beer is on tap around town – removed from Planned list and moved into Active list. Also, added new website for Bagby Beer.
Moved Culture Brewing Co. from Planned to Active Brewery list. Added OB Brewery to Planned list.
Reader Charles L. informs us that Tusk & Grain is simply an offshoot of Coronado (in the same fashion Port & Lost Abbey – same brewery different styles); removed from Planned list.
Added Tusk & Grain Brewing to the Planned list. Don’t know much.
Added Full Body Brewing to the Planned list (thanks Charles L.!), changed Solana Beach Brewing Co. to Culture Brewing Co. (Solana Beach was the LLC name, while Culture is the DBA). 
Added Solana Beach Brewing Co. and Valley Center Brewing Co. to the Planned list (thanks Doug C.!)
Added more info for Legacy Brewing & Bagby Beer (thanks Societe!) Added more info for Benchmark Brewing. Intergalactic Brewing Co will be located at 9835 Carroll Center Rd #108 in Mira Mesa, updated that info.
Added new info for Butchers in the Planned list (location, opening date). Moved ChuckAlek + Coronado Bay Park to the Brewery List (opened 1/5 and 1/4 respectively) – removed both from Planned list. Updated Acoustic Ales with new info in Planned list and removed the Encinitas Ale Works brewery because we discovered that it is Acoustic Ales. (Thanks Charles L.) 
Added Encinitas Ale Works / Public House Brewery to Planned list. Don’t have a name, but it will be located in the old Mission Brewery building on Washington St. in Midtown.
Kuracali will be located @ 175 Bosstick Blvd #104 in San Marcos. Updated info in the Planned list.
Added Red Topper, Birrifico Calabria & Legacy Brewing to the Planned list. Removed Smokin Beaver from the Planned list. 
Added Rip Current to the Brewery list.
Removed Oggi’s Carmel Valley from the breweries list since they don’t brew there anymore; added Thorn St. Brewery to Brewery list (soft opening – Friday 11/30, Sunday 12/2)
Added Half Door Brewing Co. to the Planned list.
Added Toolbox Brewing Co. to the Planned list – don’t know much, though.
Both Modern Times and Bagby Beer have found locations this week. Updated info in their respective spots in the Planned list.
Added BNS Brewing to the Planned list.
Added Nickel Beer Co. to the Planned list.
Added ChuckAlek Independent Brewers to Planned list.
Added Helm’s to Active list, removed from Planned list. Acoustic Ales is located in Coronado’s old Middletown location; removed Excluded list and added Acoustic to Planned list. Added new Stone location to Planned list. 
Added Belching Beaver to Active list, removed from Planned list.
Amplified Ale Works is online! Electrocution IPA is on tap and tasting delicious.
Removed The Brew House at Eastlake (closed). Removed Manzanita’s old location from Excluded list.
Switch Poor House Brewing Company from Planned to Active breweries.
Switched Indian Joe Brewing from Planned to Active breweries.
Offbeat has been moved from Planned to Active breweries; information on imminent beer releases from Amplified Ale Works and Indian Joe added.
Changed a bunch in the Planned Breweries list. See Amplified, Coronado, Hess, Indian Joe, MEBC, Offbeat, Rip Current, St. Archer, Stone Liberty Station, and Thorn St. We know that Poor House, Amplified, Thorn St. “have beer in the tanks,” while Offbeat is opening this weekend. We know Coronado and Rip Current are moving along, and Hess, Saint Archer, Stone Liberty Station will be open either late 2012 or early 2013.
Added Karl 4s Ranch to the Breweries List, removed from Planned List. Updated Poor House in Planned List. Added Kuracali to the Planned List. 
Removed Amplified Ale Works from the licensed & operational category to the planning category. They don’t have beer, yet, but the restaurant is open. Changed Karl Strauss 4S Ranch soft opening date to July 31 (from July 24), added Prodigy Brewing Company to planned breweries list. Changed Fezziwig’s expecting opening date to ? (from ‘soon’), Thorn St. to September 2012(from ‘soon – mid July 2012’)
Added Mad Lab to the Breweries list, added Bagby Beer to Planned Breweries list.
Added Plan 9 Alehouse to the Planned Breweries list.
Updated Analog Ales with a new title, figured out that Mad Labs was opening SOON, upgraded Bespoke Brewing to the Planned list
Added Mother Earth’s expansion in downtown Vista (thanks Todd P.) to the Planned Breweries list. Added Bespoke Brewing / CC&L to the excluded section until we get more info. Updated Thorn St. with a pretty good estimate of opening date.
4PM – Added Hillcrest Brewing Co. to the Breweries list. Removed Hillcrest Brewing Co. from the Planned Breweries list. (Thanks Chuck L.)
3PM – Added Saint Archer Brewing Co. to the Planned Breweries list.
2:40PM – Added Intergalatic Brewing Co. to the Planned Breweries list.
10:30AM – Upgraded Amplified Ale Works to the Breweries list. Fezziwigs, Hillcrest, and Thorn St. are all opening very soon.
12:15PM – Added Societe to Operational Breweries list, removed Societe from Planned Breweries list
6PM – North Park Beer Co. awakens; Cali Kebab/Amplified Ale Works, Thorn St., Societe Brewing are almost ready to open.
3:10PM – added Belching Beaver and Analog Ales to the Planned Breweries list, also added Manzanita to the Excluded list.
3:23PM – added in links to articles w/ info on Pizza Port, Poor House, Butcher’s, Hess, Thorn St., and Rip Current.  Updated dates for Fezziwigs, Amplified Ale Works
3:22PM – added Offbeat Brewing Company to the planned breweries list.
11:55AM – added Poor House Brewing Co to the planned breweries list.
520PM – Added Two Kids Brewing Company to the planned breweries list.
11:30AM – Added Urban Jungle Brewing to the planned breweries list.
4PM – Added Smokin Beaver Brewing Co. to the planned breweries list.
11:25AM – Updated White Labs tasting room and La Jolla Brew House from ‘planning’ to ‘licensed & operational’; added KnB Cellars to ‘planning’ stages list.
11:43AM – In planned breweries list, changed Scooter Brew to Hillcrest Brewing Co. (DBA for Scooter is Hillcrest Brewing Co.)
10:43PM – added Helm’s Brewing to planned breweries list.
12:50PM – added Indian Joe to the planned breweries list.
1:54PM – added Hess’ North Park location and Thorn Street Brewery to the planned list.
7:45AM – updated Rip Current info, added “Excluded” section w/ CBC’s extra brew house, updated Brew House at Eastlake w/ info for Bay Bridge (Bay Bridge brews beer in Chula Vista, Brew House serves that beer in Otay)
1:04PM – added Butcher’s Brewing to planned breweries.
3:32PM – added Karl Strauss 4S Ranch and PB info, Coronado Brewing Knoxville, Fezziwig’s Brewing, Scooter Brew, Taproom Brewing, Pizza Port’s planned HQ
4:15PM – Benchmark Brewing has signed a lease in 92120 zipcode

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