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Coming Soon: San Diego Winter Brew Fest on 2/24

Feb 12

Coming soon: the 6th Annual San Diego Winter Brew Fest on February 24th.  Attendees can sample some of the best 80+ craft beers while listening to live music from the Creepy Creeps in one of the most fun museums in of Balboa Park.

This event takes place at the Fleet Science Center in Balboa Park. On the same date of the festival, The Fleet begins it’s run of the MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition. Now, you can drink beer, listen to music, eat yummy food and interact with the hands-on exhibits.

Chances are good you’ll leave with all your fingers & toes! Get tickets here.

This post is sponsored by San Diego Winter Brew Fest.

3 Responses to “Coming Soon: San Diego Winter Brew Fest on 2/24”

  1. Ken

    Oh, so it’s not actually news. It’s an ad for the beer event. Really guys? Do you have to insult our intelligence in this way? Let’s have a bit more journalistic integrity in our craft beer community.

    • Sorry you’re pissed. The post is clearly labeled as a “sponsored post” & this is one of the ways we are able to keep the lights on around here. I think you’ll agree this is preferable to popups, paywalls or weird tracking cookies, yes?

      Plus, if you want to go to a beer fest, this one doesn’t suck 😉

      Thanks for reading.

      • Jay

        And while thats all well and good….how about delving a little deeper? It seems like providing a link is the easy way out instead of including the who/what/when/ where and i dont know…MAYBE which beers are going to be poured at the very least ? Im kinda funny that way and dont like spending time or money on mediocre beer or festivals.

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