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Beer of the Week: South Park Tongues of Angels

Feb 9

Tongues of Angels 100% Simcoe IPA from South Park Brewing Company

From the Beer Writer: Single-hop India pale ales (IPAs) allow brewers to spotlight the flavors and aromas of individual hop varietals, typically against a light-as-possible malt backdrop. Sipping one can be as educational as it is thirst-quenching. Single-hop beers are the best way to get to know your hops, however, many can come up short compared to multi-hop IPAs. It’s like trying to cook while ignoring all but one ingredient in the spice rack. You’re asking a lot of one type of hop. But when the hop has a lot to offer and the beer is engineered just right, single-hop IPAs can be every bit as good as a beer blending numerous shades of earthen green. Such is the case with South Park Tongues of Angels, a single-hop IPA featuring one of the world’s money hops: Simcoe. South Park Brewing extrudes every iota of sensational character from this complex fruit of the bine. Lemon, orange, grapefruit, wheatgrass, pepper and green herbaceous notes come on strong with little more than the lightest whisp of toasty breadiness to get in their way. The beer is a thing of beauty and proof that “simple” is not a synonym for “plain.”

From the Brewery: “Tongues of Angels is a highly-addictive house beer favorite brewed with some Simcoe followed by some Simcoe topped off by some Simcoe and sprinkled with a little more Simcoe for kicks! From first-wort to dry-hop, this IPA is 100% hopped with Simcoe and designed to showcase the beauty and versatility of this special varietal. Light biscuit flavor and aroma set the base and you will notice earthy, catty, citrusy, fruity notes intermingled with varying levels of pine, displaying all that Simcoe hops are and can be. The beer is soft on the mouth and gentle in the finish, which makes it brilliantly suited for the ‘tongues of angels.’ And after a few of these deceptively drinkable IPAs you may actually begin speaking in the tongues of angels. Prost!”—Scot Blair, Owner & Brewmaster, South Park Brewing Company

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