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Brightest Beer Futures: East San Diego County

Nov 16

This is the second in a four-part series examining work-in-progress brewery projects throughout San Diego County. This component takes a look at the most promising businesses in the eastern portion of the county. Last week, we took a look at upcoming brewery projects in the southern portions of the county, and next week we’ll chart a course due north.

Fourpenny House | 8323 La Mesa Boulevard, La Mesa: Since we first reported on the La Mesa Village area’s initial brewery entrant, it has lost a brewer (who moved to Hanoi, Vietnam to head a brewing project) and gained a unique identity. This brewpub will celebrate the brews and food of Scotland while also offering a full bar. Scheduled to open sometime next month, it figures to show residents and visitors alike that the La Mesa Boulevard is a fine place to hoist a beer year-round, not just during the area’s popular Oktoberfest street fair.

13 Point Brewing Company | 8035 Broadway, Lemon Grove: A trio of graduates from SDSU’s “Business of Craft Beer” certificate program are bringing Lemon Grove its first-ever brewery. That’s significant on its own, but what gives it the most promise is the City of Lemon Grove’s hospitality and willingness to help make the business a success. The municipal government went as far as to help ownership propose a revision to the City Council that will allow 13 Point to sell cans, bottles and crowlers for off-premise consumption.

Depot Springs Beer Company | 9176 Fletcher Parkway, La Mesa: This massive project has consistently made the list for more than two years…but remains unopened. The beer-making component of an everything-to-everyone combination restaurant, distillery, coffee shop and public-event space, it has faced many roadblocks, but ownership says it’s still a go. If they can ever make it happen, it’ll be the largest of La Mesa’s brewing interests and certainly include enough appurtenant amenities to make it well worth a visit. For now, it remains in the we’ll-see file.


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2 Responses to “Brightest Beer Futures: East San Diego County”

  1. Eric Stephens

    Karl Strauss Santee?

    • Brandon Hernández

      Definitely a promising project, but it’s much farther off and in need of municipal government clearance before it’s even a go. I felt it was better to spotlight businesses that are closer to opening. Good call, though!