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Rock Bottom Gaslamp To Close October 5

Aug 12

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 10.07.26 AMIn a post on his Facebook page Monday morning, Rock Bottom Gaslamp Brewmaster Jason Stockberger had this to say:

“Well it looks like this Wednesday might be my last brew for Rock Bottom Gaslamp. It will mark my 660th beer brewed here. Our 15 year lease is up and business has declined in the past few years so Craftworks has decided to close our store. September is my 10 year anniversary here and am glad to have made it this far. Thanks Daniel Pennington for giving me the opportunity to work in the brewery. Thanks Johnny O for taking me in and teaching me the art of brewing with your 20+ years of experience. Thank you Marty Mendiola for taking my brewing to the next level and teaching how to make Award Winning beer. Thank you friends and family who have supported us and our restaurant over the years. I have met so many awesome people here at Rock B including my beautiful wife Nathali Stockberger. It has been an honor to brew beer for such an awesome city and hope to further my beer brewing career here in San Diego. Our last day of business will be October 5th. We will have a few celebratory parties throughout September so we can reminisce on the good times we all have shared so stay tuned!! Look at all the awesome Rock B alumni that I have met.

Alex Rodriguez, Alexandria Cotton, Amber Wybest, Amy Waldron, Andrew Vick, Andrew Whitney, Andy Gonzalez, Anna Jade, April Kirby, Ashley Dion, Audry Torre, Bethany Davis, Brett Ortiz, Brianna Rothwell, Brooke Jensen, Cam Feallock, Cavan Bell, Charese Embree, Christopher Wilber, Chuck Betz, Cory Proctor, Courtney Druschen, Craig Gregovics, Curtis Hawes (station), Dan Pennington, Elizabeth Boyd, Eric Barnes, Errol Asuncion, Fernando Lucero, Grant Logsdon, Greg Murray, Gregg Oggel, Heather Murray, Heather Ryan, Jacklyn Keyser, Jeff Logsdon, Jessica Beatty, Jessica Howard, Jessica Pennington, John Oliphant, John Wright, Joseph Tripi, Josh Boot, Joshua Koppel, Joshua Stockberger, Jr Togafau, Kate Thornburgh, Kathryn Brown, Katrina Vermette, Katy White, Kelly Decker, Kristen Houle, Krystle McDermott, Kyley Stromberg, Laura Cooper, Leah Zurborg, Lindsay Brookshire, Malu Togafau, Melissa Johns, Michael Porter, Mike Harvey, Mikki Alvarez, Nathali Stockberger, Nate Burd, Nathan Condell, Nicole Furlano, Nigel Grover, Pablo Li, Patrick O’Donnel, Paul Ezekiel Deras Jr, Rachel Barnes, Renee Bexiga, Rikki Farfel, Robert Antunez, Robert Kaczmarczyk, Roy Morris, Rusty Fuller, Ryan Gallagher, Ryan Munesato, Samantha Spreng, Sara Martin, Sarah Oaker, Scott Bialkowski, Scott Martin, Scott Zurborg, Serena Laguardia, Seth Luangamath, Shauna Smith, Sonny Jensen, Springli Payeur, Stephan Santoro, Throop, Stevie Harris, Tammy Remick, Tori Hoffman, Vanessa Rojas, William Morgan

Shout out to our valued regulars that have supported us forever Chris MckeeYvonne McKee,Sharon ClarkDick AllenMIke GerschGreg F. JonesTania Marshall, Tierney Froelich, Roxann Stockberger and Randy Stockberger — with Randy Stockberger, Roxann Stockberger, Nathali Stockberger, Joshua Caleb Stockberger, and Shawn Dochnahl at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery [San Diego, CA].”

Stockberger’s accolades include gold medal at the 2013 San Diego International Beer Competition for his kolsch, silver at the same competition for his red ale, and bronze at the same competition for his brown ale; silver at the 2013 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition for his Winter Tartan Scottish Ale, bronze at the same competition for his Maibock, and silver at the same competition for his brown ale; silver at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival for his brown ale; silver at the 2011 San Diego International Beer Festival for his brown ale; and the company-wide distinction of Large Brewpub and Large Brewpub Brewer of the Year at the 2008 Great American Beer Festival.

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One Response to “Rock Bottom Gaslamp To Close October 5”

  1. Raymond Reynolds

    Really bummed to hear this place is closing, I love it there great beer and food and the service is always amazing. Just stopped by on Thursday, hopefully I can atleast one more time effort you guys close. This was the go to spot before any event in downtown!! Will be missed forsure!!