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Iron Fist’s Small Bar Debut

Jan 6

New Iron Fist tap handles (can you guess which?) debut at Small Bar

11 in ’11 member Iron Fist Brewing Co. invaded University Heights’ Small Bar in style last night with bold new tap handles and a keep-the-pint deal that seemed to appease the revolutionary masses, for now.  Head brewer of the Vista brewery, 21-year old Brandon Sieminski, continues to impress even the most calibrated of palates.  Case in point – Small Bar proprietor Scot Blair, a certified Cicerone (meaning an expert in all that is beer), continually used one adjective to describe Brandon’s beers: “clean.”  “I’ve been to Köln (Cologne), Germany.  I know what a Kölsch is supposed to taste like,” stated Scot.  “The Renegade Blonde just nails it.”

All of Iron Fist’s beers hit the spot, as the new Gauntlet IIPA and Velvet Glove Oatmeal Stout have added to the brewery’s already stellar lineup.  “Promoting local San Diego beer is what it’s all about,” proclaimed Senior Manager Karen Blair, “and we’ll be honest with breweries – only beers that meet our standards get put on.”  It is this demand for the highest-quality beers that keeps Small Bar and Hamilton’s ahead of the curve.

Speaking of which, South Park’s famous “2nd Saturday” event at Hamilton’s is upon us.  This time, Missoula’s Big Sky Brewing is flying in (literally) to bring an insane draught list and dueling casks.  A feast is also being prepared with wild game killed by Big Sky and shipped to the bar.  “It’s exciting when the brewery is involved with the food,” Karen told us.  The “Food from the Mountain West” menu: Pulled Venison BBQ Sammies, Antelope Campfire beans, Elk Hop Sausage with a chinese beer mustard w/ mint Quinoa salad and ever decadent Mountain Smores.

Great beers on draught: Moose Drool Brown Ale, Scape Goat Pale Ale, Big Sky IPA,Trout Slayer Ale,Powder Hound Winter Ale,Slow Elk Oatmeal Stout,Cherry Imperial Slayer,Cherry Bourbon Cowboy Coffee *,2006 Belgian Strong Dark Ale *, Heavy Horse Scotch Ale,Belgian Brown Ale,Belgian Sour Brown Ale *,Saison, All Souls Imperial Saison,2008 Ivan The Terrible Imperial Stout,2010 Ivan The Terrible Imperial Stout,2009 Barrel Aged Slow Elk Oatmeal Stout,Red Rye,Helles Bock, Belgian Cherry Strong Golden Ale,Imperial Pilsner,2008 Old Blue Hair Barley Wine,2010 Old Blue Hair Barley Wine,Double IPA,Bourbon IPA, 2008 Buckin’ Monk Cherry Tripel

Dueling casks: Slow Elk Oatmeal Stout,Powder Hound Winter Ale

Bottles: 2006 Buckin’ Monk Chardonnay Tripel * (750 ml), 2010 Old Blue Hair Barley Wine * (750 ml)

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One Response to “Iron Fist’s Small Bar Debut”

  1. Great review for an internationally-competitive beer! Iron Fist rocks–and so do their keg handles:-)